The Good Place (S04E05) “Chapter 44: Employee of the Bearimy”

While Michael and Jason rescue Janet, can Eleanor and Tahani handle the Good Place by themselves? Here’s a recap!


The Good Place Employee of the Bearimy - The Good Place (S04E05) "Chapter 44: Employee of the Bearimy"

As Michael and Jason rescue Janet from the Bad Place; Janet learns the plan as Vicky tries to do her Michael impression in the Michael suit. There Michael and Jason while making it to the Bad Place bonded and soon interrupted Shawn’s evil con type of meeting. Michael comes out pretending to be Vicky and brings in Jason pretending to be Glen. Soon, Shawn brings Janet out and the two to torchers Janet till she realizes that they were the real Michael and Jason. Vicky soon comes out and proves to them that she’s really her; but Michael uses the demon blower and not only blew up Vicky and the three ran off while the rest of the people cheered with delight.

Meanwhile, Eleanor and Tahani handle things at the good place given everyone an earth day celebration, with their group taking on a nice lake house vacation. But when using Derek things don’t go so well. While all wasn’t lost, even trying to get Chidi to the lake house by given him mystery clues to play, it worked out in the end. Eleanor and Tahani bonded, as Tahani felt she isn’t given a whole lot to do besides given parties and all.

In the end, as Michael, Janet, and Jason escape from the Bad Place and headed back to The Good Place; Michael admits to Janet that it was hard being back after all that he’s been through. Just as Jason tells Janet about the horrible things Bad Janet told him, mainly about Blake Bortles getting cut; but Janet tells him that was real but the Jags got Nick Foles, who Jason is excited until she tells him he’s injured.

“Employee of the Bearimy” was another very good episode. I loved how they mixed the characters up with Michael and Jason and Eleanor and Tahani; that they really haven’t seen a whole lot of bonding together. Plus I do agree that Tahani had a lot more to do in this episode than the previous; but that scene with Eleanor at the end made it so memorable. But I couldn’t get enough of Jason and Michael as the two really connected on a level, unlike any time.  The writing was very good along with the character development and the performances from the cast. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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