Prodigal Son (S01E06) “All Souls and Sadists”

The deeds are more dastardly and the web is tangled. Prodigal Son continues to bring unsettling storylines to life. This show is certainly something “different”, and it’s easy to get lost in the shadows. (Spoilers Ahead)

Deserving of a chance?

Ainsley (Halston Sage) has never had a relationship with her “father”. She was much too young when he was taken away from them. Although there is fear resting below the surface, the need to find a connection with him overshadows everything else. There is a story there, and she needs to be the one to tell it for him. Even if it’s going to cause a strain on her other relationships, this is something she needs to do. Good thing she has the unwavering support of Jin (Raymond Lee), her trusty cameraman, and lover.

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Ainsley, ready to face the demons. (Photo: IMDB)

The need for control is strong with Jessica (Bellamy Young), and she will do everything in her power to keep her children safe. Martin (Michael Sheen) is very good at putting on an act, causing you to love and adore him, even with his past transgressions. It’s a dangerous line to be walking, but sometimes one needs to have those experiences to find some sort of closure. In the end, there is no doubt that Martin will get his way.

No rest for the weary

Hallucinations have continued to plague Malcolm (Tom Payne). He has uncovered a clue to his past, in an old photo. The closer he gets to the truth, the more his psyche begins to unravel. He is in a fragile state and anything could set him off. The need to find the answers, even if it destroys him, takes over his senses. Much like the rest of his family, he is stubborn and won’t rest until he gets what he wants. He is searching for a very specific vehicle, one his father owned. Good thing he has friends within the precinct.

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Another day, another murder. (Photo: IMDB)

Once more, a bizarre murder is in need of a profiler. It doesn’t take long for Malcolm to pinpoint just what kind of a person would stab someone a hundred times. They are after a sadist, someone who enjoys inflicting pain. This leads them to the not-so-crushed widow, Crystal (Katie Kreisler), who is more concerned about her son, Issac (Clark Furlong), than her former partner. I suppose an impending divorce would do that to someone, but something doesn’t seem quite right.

When all signs point to the new boyfriend for the murder, Malcolm knows better. Good thing the rest of the team trusts in his instincts, following Crystal to the scene of the crime. It was too easy, even when she admits to killing her ex-husband, something doesn’t seem right about the whole thing. Malcolm is never wrong, and this wasn’t a case of him “losing” it either. The missing piece? The connection he felt with the son, showing sympathy. He got too close and wasn’t able to see the bigger picture.

He’s never wrong

Very befitting for a Halloween episode, they must race to intercept Issac, he is unhinged and dangerous. Sometimes kids aren’t so innocent, it turns out to be true in this case. It’s revealed that he’s always been “different”, sadistic, twisted, torturing animals and getting pleasure out of it. Instead of getting him help, as his now-deceased father wanted, his mother protected him.

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Gil will not let Malcolm down. (Photo: IMDB)

Even with the heaviness of the episode, there is light-hearted banter and camaraderie between the team and the outsider, Malcolm, is quite endearing. Can I just say how adorable Edrisa’s (Keiko Agena) crush is on Malcolm? A match made in murder?  Gil (Lou Diamond Phillips) looks out for him, and won’t let him slip back into old patterns. That scared, mute little boy will not become his new reality. Although when has Malcolm existed in the moment? It’s all going to be undone. His father’s car has been found, thanks to Dani (Aurora Perrineau).

Bring on the pain and chaos.

A new episode of Prodigal Son airs Monday, November 4 on FOX at 9/8c.

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