This Is Us (S04E05) “Storybook Love”

Sometimes things don’t always work out but they can be the most memorable. Here’s a recap.


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While Kevin tries his best with Cassidy and her husband, he learns that Cassidy’s husband still loves her; but wants her before going into the army. Kevin and Nicky get to have a bond moment that involves what each of their fathers did with them, cut a slice of ice cream in the box.

Randall and Beth deal with Tess, who suffered from a panic attack. Randall tries to help her by telling how he handles it, but she doesn’t want to listen to him. Beth remembers to what William told her about how he felt bad passing the panic attacks to Randall; and remembered a relief that he used that she too used on Randall and Tess. And Tess tells Randall and Beth what had happened a week or so ago.

Kate is trying to figure out what the gift that Kevin and Randall got her. Thinking that it was Rebecca coming, turns out to be a blast from the past the piano that Rebecca had at their new home after Jack died. Under the seat happen to be music sheets with photos of them during that dinner and talked about Kate’s boyfriend/boss.

As Rebecca and Kate move to a new home where they decide to through a dinner party for the two newlyweds Kevin and Sophie. But the dinner doesn’t go so well and Rebecca took a stand and finally yells at both Kate, Kevin, and Randall to act up and enjoy the uncooked hens. After Rebecca talks about how she and Jack in their first home tried to make the perfect dinner; but it just went completely wrong but it was perfect because it was memorable.

“Storybook Love” was another excellent episode with strong character development and performances from the cast. Mandy Moore gives a standout performance during the dinner scene with the kids and Miguel. Nicky and Kevin’s story was so good, but it was the end where Nicky asked Kevin about to have a slice of icebox ice cream. I do kind of wonder where this thing with Kevin and Cassidy will go, but I think he’s to serve a purpose to help with her marriage. Randall/Beth/Tess was another powerful story and that method that William gave Beth is something that I might want to try. Strong writing and plot. Also, for the first time directing, I Thought Milo did a very good job.  Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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