Mr. Mercedes(S03E08) “Mommy Deadest”

Alright guys and gals we had another great episode brought to us tonight! This episode brought a lot to the table and we now have two episodes left this season. If you don’t think things have gotten crazy after this episode then just wait for those last two episodes! Let’s get to this review!

So with this episode Peter (Rarmian Newton) is getting a little squirrelly, he ran to his teacher Ida (Holland Taylor) for crying out loud if that’s not desperation then I don’t know what is. Now don’t get me wrong I see why he would trust his teacher over anyone else including family, it’s because Ida has always seen Peter as a good kid and wants him to do the right thing.

The only problem is Peter can’t trust anyone except maybe the lawyer Finkelstein (Brett Gelman). At least Finkelstein was able to set Peter straight about what would happen to him if he dragged this out even more. But it looks like Finkelstein is maybe wanting to make some kind of deal with Montez (Maximilliano Hernandez) maybe so Peter wouldn’t get in prison if he did reveal he had the books.

But it looks like things are escalating on a major level with Morris (Gabriel Ebert) and Alma (Kate Mulgrew) now kidnapping Marjorie (Claire Bronson) and holding her as a way of insurance. But holy hell did Marjorie put up a fight, all this time I thought maybe she wasn’t going to put up much of a fight if she did get apprehended but she sure did. Clawed up Morris pretty good on his face and leg.

Now what are your guys thoughts on what might happen if Peter does meet up with Morris and Alma? Will Morris try killing Peter after he hands the manuscripts off or do you think Peter will come on guns blazing killing Peter and accidentally killing his mother in the process? Either way I don’t see this ending well for Peter’s mom and it’s just because we all know how dangerous Morris and Alma can be. And I see either Alma killing Marjorie which would break Peter and Tom (Josh Daugherty) or Alma giving the final strike to Peter killing him. Like I said either way someone or someone’s gonna die in the next two episodes.

With there only being two episodes left, I can see maybe the villain’s surviving and coming back next season wither that will happen or not only time will tell. All what we can say is shit is going to hit the fan and back down to the floor because it’s going to be crazy as hell! I can’t wait to see how this season ends and can’t wait to see who lives and who dies.

And Lou (Breeda Wool) is living with Holly (Justine Lupe). I’m sure Holly can keep Lou on the right page and make sure she stays on the right path so she doesn’t have to go to jail. We need Lou to stay being good because we all love Lou.

Next Episode: Mr. Mercedes(S03E09) “Crumch Time” Tuesday November 5, 2019 at 10/9c on Audience TV