9-1-1 (S03E06) “Monsters”

A very spooky episode!

Okay, maybe not really, but 9-1-1’s Halloween episodes are always awesome. It’s amazing the stuff that they come up with on a regular episode but on Halloween… On Halloween everything is even more crazy and that makes for good TV.

911 recap 3 - 9-1-1 (S03E06) "Monsters"

The episode starts with a bang! Actually, this was my favorite part of the episode – and all because of the horror references.

We all know that Ryan Murphy loves horror (American Horror Story) so it must be fun for him to come up with ideas for this show. This time, our dear firefighters responded to a call where two kids get “trapped” in a barn after a murder of crows “hunts” them and wait for them outside the barn. It looks silly, but this was clearly a nod to “The Birds” by Hitchcock. Also, it also gave me vibes of “Children of the Corn” as well as a bunch of other horror movies. The outcome of this was pretty easy. They just had to disguise the kids and get them out of there. It was pretty funny and just a nod to a few horror classics.

Post that first scene, we get really into the stories of this episode, starting with Buck.

So Buck is back at the 118 but everyone is still a bit bitter, mainly Eddie, who just gives him the cold shoulder. Hen and Chimney were nice to him though, but everyone else was pretty cold. And again, he was put on light duty, handing out candy at the firehouse.

Throughout the episode we see different injuries but there was one that was pretty shocking. A man being hit by a car and getting stuck in the windshield and the driver not realizing he was there. That was so weird and you want to know what’s even more weird? The fact that this happened in real life. That’s right, this event took place for real, but a bit differently. It wasn’t Halloween, and the man in the windshield was able to leave by himself. Still, it’s mind-blowing how something like this could happen.

In the series, Buck is the one to notice this and the one that helps the man in the windshield. This basically earns him a place in 118 doing “real” firefighter work so, it’s nice to see everything get back into place.

The last main story-line of the episode is Maddie’s, who is still “going after” that woman who’s husband beats her (or so Maddie thinks). Chimney finds out about what she’s doing and tells her that it’s wrong and she need to come clean. After that, the woman does some digging and realizes what Maddie is doing and, needless to say, Maddie almost loses her job. Luckily, people do trust her so she just needs some therapy and some examinations. I’m sure she’ll be back in no time.

And that’s pretty much it for this episode.

There wasn’t anything really major this time but again, this was much more of an Halloween episode so I don’t mind. Plus, after all those events in the previous episodes… I’m fine with this one.

As per usual, I can’t wait to see what the team faces in the next episode. For now, let us  know all your thoughts on this episode in the comments and I’ll catch you up on the next one – Monday, November 4 at 8/7c on FOX.