Bull (S04E06) “Into the Mystic”

“Into the  Mystic” is the story of Rachel Thompson-Elliott;  (Francesca  Faridant) a powerful, brilliant woman accused of killing her husband,  Peter  (John Ellison Conlee) during an alcoholic blackout.  She doesn’t remember, yet what appears to be isn’t always what we see…or what we get.

I must say, I spent some time on “the mysticism” of this episode, because I was stuck on “why?”  Why Mysticism? 

Yet releasing  any ideas of spirituality, Divine Revelations and “church”  I came to accept,  mysticism, in such cases is simply releasing (any idea of) my perceived identity ”  Not to proselytise,  it’s a self surrender in order to experience …”a greater”  

This is the ultimate journey of Rachel Thompson, a woman, even Bull held in the highest. 

Bull takes her case; intrigued with awe and wonder of her brilliant mind and accomplishments.  He’s a fan. Mad respect! He’s representing the sharpest mind in the room!

With a case that looks 100%, “she did it”  the outcome was another fine twist. 

Going through the trash, (no doubt in desperation) Bull finds Rachel was the victim! 

A plastic produce bag was found, with
sputum and  lipstick inside.  It’s Rachel’s.
It’s enough  evidence that  Peter tried to kill her!

Her arrested photo, is of  blood shot eyes, from  a smothering attempt. Her  sprained ulnar, is a defensive injury.

Finally, based on the angle of Peter’s death, the fire extinguisher was used as a defensive weapon.  It’s self defense.

I smiled. “One man’s trash, is another man”s treasure”  And in this case, a Lifesaver!  

In TAC staff drama: Marissa is fighting with hubby. Dividing possessions. ..all hers. No prenuptial?!

Chunk sits with Anna (Jazzy Kae); finally!  He’s there for her, although he’ll continue to try,  talking her out of it. (abortion) They hug. She cried.

Rachel resigned; claiming her greater.