Castle Rock (S02E04) “Restore Hope”

When Annie Wilkes isn’t much on the episode…

… It isn’t as good. That’s just the truth. The first three episodes where pretty slow but when the third ended I wanted to see more. That didn’t necessarily happen in this episode. I’m fairly interesting in finding out what is going to happen but this week’s episode didn’t peak my interest.

father son holy gore castle rock tim robbins as reg pop merrill - Castle Rock (S02E04) "Restore Hope"

This episode tried to give some context to all the side characters. That is important, but not really for this show. Annie is the interesting character this season and she’s what we want to see more of. Unfortunately, I think they’re going to focus a lot more on Ace Merrill and the “undead”. That was the main focus of this episode.

We got to see the aftermath of Annie and Joy’s fight. Nadia helped Joy and she’s staying in her house now. With the help of her friend, Joy gets access to the box that she knows nothing about but that is so important to her mother. She eventually gets it open and, besides the gun and the license plates, there was also a CD. When she puts it in the computer she finds a document that resembles a book. Joy’s storyline in this episode ends there but I’m pretty sure this book will give us some more clues about her father.

Post that, we get into the “not so interesting” side of the episode. We see Ace Merrill and his “cult” basically taking over Jerusalem’s Lot. I found it a bit confusing as well as really slow so… I don’t really know what else to add to that.

The final story of the episode is Pop’s. We learn that he’s most likely going to die pretty soon, but Nadia doesn’t give up on him. Unfortunately for her, while she’s trying to help him, she keeps digging and ends up finding something that she shouldn’t find. It wasn’t a surprise for me. I already had that theory and turns out, Pop adopted Nadia and Abdi because he was the one to kill their mother in the war. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I felt like it was pretty obvious. And well, the episode just ended there. It’s a shame because they made it like a pretty big plot on the episode and it was so underwhelming to me.

This week’s episode of Castle Rock, unfortunately, wasn’t the best but I have hope and I know, if they get back to Annie, it will be a lot more interesting.

That’s it from me but let us know all your thoughts on the episode and I’ll catch you up on the next one – Wednesday, November 6 on Hulu.