Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (S03E11)

This is the recap of the eleventh episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. This post is dark and full of spoilers.

Nicole is missing. After storming off at the end of last episode due to the fighting with Angelina, she has not returned. Deena confronts Angelina about not following her advice regarding the conversation with Jenni.  Deena is in full mom mode.

Second Chance

Apparently, Angelina learned from her previous encounter with Jenni.  This time around, Angelina approaches Jenni respectfully and they discuss their differences like adults.

This must be a first for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Jenni believes Angelina tried to kiss 24 while Angelina is upset she is getting blamed for things she did not do. Jenni is riding for her new boyfriend and will not accept any slander directed at him. Angelina just wants to move on so they hug it out and move on.


Nicole comes back to the house and the roommates head to the boardwalk. While having dinner, Vinny announces he waxed his butt hole.

Yeah, Vinny, I could have gone my whole life without knowing that.

Angelina and Nicole go outside to discuss their differences. Nicole explains that Angelina misconstrued the text message she had sent her about the fight with Jenni. After having a heart-to-heart discussion, they also squash their beef.

The crew hits up the rides and end up on the bumper cars. In true bromance fashion, Pauly and Vinny ride in the same car.

This is a little strange, but, whatever.

After riding a couple more rides, Jenni rushes to the bathroom. The rides do not agree with her and she has to blow chunks.

Pauly and Vinny play a game of basketball which Pauly wins and is handed a huge stuffed animal. The crew is missing Mike and they cannot wait until he is released. On the way home, Pauly gives his stuffed animal to a random little girl, which was a pretty cool move.

Tension in the House

Ronnie and Jenni are still not okay with each other. Ronnie believes Jenni is a narcissist and that she brought him into the drama with Angelina for no valid reason.

Jenni is still depressed about her divorce. According to Jenni, marrying Roger is her biggest regret in life. Nicole reminds Jenni to look at the bright side; Jenni’s marriage with Roger gave her two precious children.

Pauly and Vinny obtain a metal detector to verify if Angelina pierced her nipples. After some careful investigating, Angelina’s nipple piercing is confirmed.

Thank the sweet lord Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is on the air to get to the bottom of such cutting edge stories!

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8:00 PM Eastern Time on MTV.