Supernatural (S15E03) “The Rupture”

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“You won’t give them up? Not for any price?”

“Not for any price.”

(Ketch last words to Ardat)


Howdy all~

Decided to go back to my Q & A format for reviewing. Felt like it flowed with me & I plan to stick with it. A new episode of Supernatural will Air on 7th November 2019! So be ready for the craziness & kick-ass fun as always. Now let’s get on with the hunt!


What was this episode about?

(Disclaimer: I haven’t been spoiled of anything. Only taking what I got from looking at the preview for this episode.) Tension seems high this episode & the gang seems to be running out of options. So they have to go back to where it all started & make something work. And that something might be a risky spell that may have a lot of consequences. 


Who was in this episode?

Dean    Sam    Castiel    Rowena

Belphagor    Ardat   Ketch   

(Mentioned: Lilith, Jack,  & Hedwig from Harry Potter)


What did I like about this episode?

Ketch showing that he really does care for everyone. By not telling Ardat a damn thing & calling everyone his friends.

Sam trying to play peacemaker with calming Dean & Rowena.



Dean’s verbal abuse towards Castiel; Dean’s literally not listening to Cast or even trusting him that much anymore; Cast ending not only his family but his friendship with Dean & Sam since Dean makes it seem like everything is his fault and it’s not. Him leaving hurt me deeply. 

Ketch dying.

Rowena dying & her last words being the same as her son’s “Goodbye Boys”

Dean just being a stubborn load of crap! 15 Seasons man! Quit it already! 

Castiel having to do the hardest thing ever, destroying Jack’s body.

Just the ending, in general, made me scream! 


Favorite scene(s) throughout the whole episode?

Belphagor blowing the horn in Lilith chambers.

Ketch fighting Ardat had me rolling!

Cast singing in Enochian.  I need this on the soundtrack for Season 15. 


What’s going to happen in the next episode? More hellish fun I hope?

To be fairly honest, with the way things went this episode, the next episode seems like there going back to the “family business”. And that irritates the living crap out of me! When are we going to talk about Chuck not having powers? Or that there Michael might be roaming around looking for them pissed the hell off?! Dean, you are not free my friend! Y’all still have a lot of loose ends to cover!


Found the wiki on what kind of angel Castiel is, I was just curious about it if you want to give it a read:


Image Used for Post: I just took a screenshot while watching it on my laptop & cropped it.