Will & Grace (S11E02) “Pappa Mia”

With this being the final season for Will & Grace, it seems quite befitting that these characters are about to embark on an experience of a lifetime. Even though the show is comedic in nature, there is always a touch of “real life” to each episode. (Spoilers Ahead)

Now what?

The word is finally out about Grace (Debra Messing) and Will’s (Eric McCormack) impending parenthood. Although Grace has no idea who the father could be. Luckily she has the love and support of her dear circle of friends, even if Karen (Megan Mullally) can’t stop laughing about Grace’s plight. In her own way, we know she cares and will be there for her friend when she needs it the most.

willandgraces11e02 - Will & Grace (S11E02) “Pappa Mia”
What if? (Photo: Screenshot By Author of Review)

As these characters continue to grow, we watch as they face new obstacles. Will is excited about having a child to call his own, but what if he can’t relate to his child? What if his child turns out straight? Good thing Jack (Sean Hayes) just so happens to have an expertise in that area. It doesn’t matter who his child turns out to be, no matter what, they will be loved.

The big oops

In order to find the identity of the father to Grace’s unborn child, Karen takes it upon herself to find out who is. Good thing she has vast amounts of money and just so happens to be bored to tears. Cue the awkward interrogation and the hilarity that ensues. In the end, she doesn’t feel the need to know who it is. No matter what, she will give her child a good life, with or without a father.

willandgraces11e023 - Will & Grace (S11E02) “Pappa Mia”
Who is the lucky man? (Photo: Chris Haston/NBC)

Of all people, Jack is going to teach Will how to play basketball. Just in case his soon-to-be child isn’t theatrically inclined. It turns out that Jack is actually pretty good at the game, even if he has an unfortunate accident in the process. It doesn’t matter what kind of a child Will has, they will be embarrassed, but at least he is willing to make an effort and show an interest in their upbringing, he’s’ already well ahead of the game.

Life is changing fast, but it’s something that these characters needed. Evolving into better versions of themselves while navigating the scary world of parenthood. What next?


A new episode of Will & Grace airs Thursday, November 7 on NBC at 8:30/9:30c

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