Glitch (S03E03) “First Times”

All is not so quiet on the home front of Yoorana. But that is to be expected in a show like Glitch. The mystery is unraveling and the truth is beginning to surface. (Spoilers Ahead)

What’s the price?

Charlie (Sean Keenan) and Kirstie (Hannah Monson) are on the road, unaware of the dangers that are surrounding them. Despite Chris’s (John Leary) best effort to keep them safe, he can’t keep them in town for long. They need to escape, after all, they have been through. All stories collide and the end is coming for them all might as well enjoy their freedom while they still have it.

glitchs03e03 - Glitch (S03E03) “First Times”
Out on their own. “First Times” (Photo: Google)

Life was never really meant for them, but its something they must come to terms with on their own time. We are treated to more flashbacks, to simpler times when things made sense, in their first life. All that has been lost now, and they must try to pick up the pieces. It’s all too much for Charlie though, who must face some unsettling demons of his own.

Some rules are meant to be broken.

Even when leaving Yoorana, they can’t escape it completely. None of the risen can. Noregard is becoming increasingly desperate for answers, now that the body of their dear doctor Hayesen has been found. The higher-ups are not happy, as to be expected. They are coming, and they won’t stop until they get what they want.

glitchs03e032 - Glitch (S03E03) “First Times”
A changed man, with a changed fate. (Photo: Google)

Phil (Rob Collins) is living in perpetual paranoia, knowing that he broke the rules. They will come for him, just as they have done to others before. Beau (Aaron L. McGrath) isn’t having any of his nonsense, he’s not buying that there has been a change of heart on Phil’s end. He’s dangerous, ruthless, but there has been a shift in his design. They need his help now, more than ever. If only they could see what was coming for them all.

Unnatural forces reign supreme

Kirstie is pregnant. It has carried over from her former life and into this one, which adds another bizarre element to the story. How is it possible? Well, that seems to be a question that is asked often while watching this show. It seems as though she has her own memories and experiences to come to terms with as well. You can’t escape the past, no matter how hard you try.

Things must be set right before the world becomes undone. Events are happening all over the world, a ripple effect is extending its chaotic reach. The risen cannot be contained, even with Chris’s best efforts. If only they would listen, if only they knew that kind of threat lurked around the corner. Now that William and James are on the opposite side of the spectrum, they are running out of friends and out of time.

Belle (Jessica Faulkner) and Tam (Harry Tseng) are struggling with their own existence there. Nothing makes sense, and it won’t anytime soon. This is not their life to lead, but there is no other choice for them right now.

They all find their way back to Yoorana, one way or another. Kate (Emma Booth) can’t escape the inevitable either, but now the Risen have an ace up their sleeves. Phil isn’t going to let them be taken without a fight. If they survive, that means he does too. There is a new purpose to his life and he’s not going to give it up so easily. If only Kirstie and Charlie could’ve been so lucky.


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