Riverdale (S04E04) ‘Chapter Sixty-One: ‘Halloween’

Hello everyone. Sorry for the late review of Riverdale. Life got in the way. You know how that is right? So let’s get right to it.

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Reggie and Kevin plan a prank on Mr. Honey. Photo from IMDB.
A Haunting we will go

This episode starts off with playing the tape Jughead (Cole Sprouse) and Betty (Lili Reinhart) had found in the last episode. It showed footage of their house for hours on end. More tapes appeared showing other people’s homes. There was no message, just the tapes. Betty finds out that Charles (Wyatt Nash) is still in town when Alice (Madchen Amick) suggests inviting him over to spend Halloween together.

At Thornhill, Toni (Vanessa Morgan) wants Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) to say goodbye to Jason. Jughead finds out that Moose (Cody Kearsley) wants to enlist in the army. He tries to talk him out of it with no real success. When Betty shows up at school she sees both The Gargoyle King and The Black Hood. She freaks out and then realizes it’s two people dressed up as them. Later, the gang is talking in the lounge. Reggie (Charles Melton) wants to TP Mr. Honey’s (Kerr Smith) house. Only Kevin (Casey Cott) agrees to help.

Later, Munroe, ‘Mad Dog’ (Eli Goree) tells Archie (KJ Apa) that Dodger (Juan Riedinger) is looking to bust some heads. He’s worried about his brother. Veronica (Camilla Mendes) suggests having a Halloween party at the community centre. At Stonewall, Jughead finds out the story about the Stonewall Four. People who had simply vanished with no trace. After burying Jason, things are looking up for Cheryl and Toni. Until they discover a doll that seems to be haunting them. Cheryl thinks it’s Jason’s ghost.

buried alive

Jughead is studying the origins of The Stonewall Four. He drinks tea laced with drugs and passes out. We see Bret (Sean Depner) and his gang take his body. Betty is at home, handing out candy. Except for Jellybean (Trinity Likins) she is all alone. She starts to wonder where Jughead is. Jughead wakes up in a coffin. He can’t get out. He starts to panic. Betty gets a weird phone call. It sounds like the Black Hood. He threatens her.

Veronica is getting ready to close Pops when a trucker (Ben Cotton) shows up at the last minute. He says he’s been traveling all night to get home to his family and just wanted a simple meal before setting off again. Veronica, feeling sorry for him, lets him in. The party at the community centre is in full swing. Dodger and his crew show up to crash the party. Mad Dog and Archie eventually get them to leave the party, but Dodger is not ready to give up yet.

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Dodger crashing the party at the community centre. Photo from IMDB.

At Thornhill, Toni is dressed as Harley Quinn, and Cheryl is Poison Ivy. There is a bit of ‘Choni’ action that is interrupted by crying from the baby monitor. The twins are fussing. But when they go check on them, the twins are asleep. Nana Rose (Barbara Wallace) says she heard Jason crying. They go down to the chapel and find the doll sitting in Jason’s spot. Cheryl suggests a seance to talk to Jason.

a cruel and unusual punishment

At the school, Mr. Honey busts Reggie and Kevin. At Betty’s house, JellyBean pulls a prank on Betty that freaks her out. The phone rings. It’s The Black Hood. Betty is really starting to get scared. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Charles. At Stonewall, Jughead continues to try and get out of his coffin with no success. When Betty explains the situation to Charles, he offers to help her trace the call next time. She agrees, and they wait for a callback.

Mr. Honey speaks with Kevin. He basically manipulates him, and Kevin ends up apologizing. There’s trouble brewing outside the community centre. Dodger has a gun, which deters Archie and Mad Dog for the moment. Cheryl holds her seance. Nana Rose reveals that Cheryl and Jason actually had an unborn triplet named Julian. Toni is completely skeptical and is starting to get annoyed.

Mr. Honey speaks with Reggie. He uses more manipulations to try and get under Reggie’s skin. Reggie spends the rest of the night cleaning his office. Charles and Betty have their first ‘brother-sister’ conversation. The Black Hood calls again. To stall for time, Betty reminisces about past  Halloweens as a family. They soon discover that the call is coming from Shady Groves where Polly (Tiera Sokvbye) is recovering. Betty speaks with Polly and yells at her and basically disowns her.

burn baby burn
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Veronica at Pops. Photo from IMDB.

The trucker is still at Pops. A news report comes on about a dangerous person who escaped Shady Grove. He fits the description of the trucker. He chases Veronica down into the speakeasy. She turns off the lights and waits for the right moment and then douses him with alcohol. He had a lighter, so he starts to burn alive. Veronica is able to escape. There are gunshots outside the community centre. Mad Dog’s brother Eddie (Ajay Friese) had been shot.

Charles commends Betty on her skills and suggests she join up with the junior FBI program. So ends Halloween. As Reggie finishes cleaning, he walks with Mr. Honey to his car. Someone destroyed it. My. Honey gives Reggie a cryptic message and promptly leaves him. Toni and Cheryl unbury Jason and bring him back home. After spending the night in the coffin, Jughead is finally released from his tiny prison. He finds out that it was an initiation, and he is now fully accepted into Stonewall.

the end… or is it?

Archie visits Eddie in the hospital. He wants to help him, but Dodger controls the streets so he has to deal with him. Despite Jason being back, there are still strange goings-on at Thornhill. Toni finds the doll in the bathroom. It’s Julian. Toni and Cheryl are now legitimately terrified that their house is actually haunted. When Jughead goes back to his dorm he finds that Mosse has gone. Completely vanished. As Jughead and Betty catch each other up on the events of the previous evening, we see Charles listening to their conversation in secret.

The episode ends with a flash-forward to Betty and FP (Skeet Ulrich) in the coroner’s office as Jughead’s corpse is revealed.


Well alright then. So ends another crazy, convoluted episode of Riverdale. I figure they get a pass for it since it is a Halloween Episode and meant to be strange and spooky. Ok, what is up with Charles eavesdropping? It seems like he’s definitely hiding something. We’ll have to see how that plays out.

Is no one going to mention the probably dead and burnt trucker that Veronica basically killed? I know it was self-defense, but she just like left him there burning. There should be some sort of repercussion right? I have a feeling the story of the Stonewall Four ties into Jughead eventually going missing. The plot thickens.

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