Prodigal Son (S01E07) “Q&A”

This has been the most anticipated episode of Prodigal Son. It’s complete with an impromptu family reunion and murder, don’t forget murder. The writers seem to top themselves each and every episode, bringing viewers an hour of mayhem and brain teasers. (Spoilers Ahead)

Repressed and re-purposed

Finding his father’s old station wagon has opened the floodgates that have been holding long, forgotten memories in the dark. Malcolm (Tom Payne) needs to see this through, even if the answers to what he seeks are more horrific than he could ever imagine. In what seemed to be another hallucination at first, became a frightening reality. Someone was there in the junkyard, watching, waiting and drawing fire on our fragile profiler.

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Just another serial killer, no big deal. “Prodigal Son” (Photo: IMDB)

It seems that Malcolm was in the right place, at the right time, even if he almost got killed. His discovery leads to murder, well, several of them. Being crushed to death in a car compactor is no way to go. Thanks to Edrisa (Keiko Agena) for giving us a new, unsettling way to use a pizza peel. Is there a new Serial Killer at large? It seems as though he has been busy at work for many years, right under their very noses.

Connections are not Coincidences

Malcolm cannot shake the feeling that everything is connected to his father. What are the odds of another serial killer being in the same place where his father’s old car is parked, laying in wait? Especially when it turns up that there is a fake persona renting that junkyard. He needs answers and is growing desperate, so why not crash his sister’s defining moment?

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Anything for the story. (Photo: IMDB)

Ainsley (Halston Sage) is set up, ready for her career-defining moment. Even with Jessica’s (Bellamy Young) worries, she assures her that she can handle her father. Don’t worry, she’s got a plan, and it doesn’t involve the approved questions she sent over ahead of time. Trying to outwit such an evil mastermind is going to prove to be harder than she anticipated. He is nearly unbreakable, with each question he is calm and collected. His well-spoken nature twists her words and paints a favorable picture of himself. Martin is good at this game.

One big happy family

Trying to throw Martin (Michael Sheen) off his game is no easy task. It seems as though Ainsley’s wheelhouse is working on overdrive. She is determined to get her story, even if it brings out the monster they are all terrified of. Malcolm’s impeccable timing gives her the much-needed reprieve she needs. It’s exhausting talking to Martin and she must gather herself, and go in with a different plan of attack. This gives Malcolm time to pick his father’s brain, who seems excited at the prospect of a new serial killer. In his cryptic nature, Martin gives his own subtle clues, which are often picked up on after the fact.

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The “unbreakable” man. (Photo: IMDB)

You have to give it to Ainsley though, she is persistent. It seems to run in the family. When she and her brother “team-up” to take on their father, she gets a reaction that paints Martin in another light. He loses his cool and lets the monster come to the surface. Too bad it was cut short by the well-timed alarm going off. An inmate is loose and a therapist has been stabbed. Convenient indeed.

Story of a lifetime

In the panic of the lockdown, they are at the mercy of their father’s “grand design”. This is where he also reveals that he has a “mentor”, someone who has been learning from him for years. Malcolm wasn’t crazy, well, maybe he is, but he was still right. It’s all connected. If only they knew how twisted their father was, and how far-reaching his power exuded. With a crazed maniac on the loose, Tevin (Matthew Maher) the parent killer, that is the least of their problems.

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Desperate times call for desperate measures. (Photo: IMDB)

Ainsley, desperate to get footage of the carnage inside, coaxes a shaken Jin (Raymond Lee) to leave the confines of their room and find the story. They are behind locked doors, so what could be the harm? If only they had anticipated what was to come, then maybe Jin wouldn’t have gotten stabbed, causing a catastrophic event to unfold. There is only one person who can save him, and they just so happen to be locked in a room with him. Why not give The Surgeon a knife. What could possibly go wrong?

Malcolm jumps into action, confident that he can work to save Jin through his father’s guidance.  Just as he’s about to make a cut, an aptly timed flashback floods his sights. He’s done this before. The infamous camping trip. The memory lingers for a moment, but it’s enough to throw him off. Jin’s life is on the line, and as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures. Martin gets his way, untied and knife bound, ready to save another life. Good thing it was all caught on tape.

So it begins

Martin has quite the talent when it comes to making himself look good. Sure he killed those people, but he saved so many more in his time as a doctor. Surely that makes him some sort of hero? Right place, right time. It turns out it was all orchestrated by Martin himself. He has Ainsley right where he wants her, and their bound has strengthened due to his life-saving measures. He can’t be such a bad guy now, can he?

This is only the beginning of what is to come, as we soon come to learn. When a phone rings from the basement. A room that Jessica had boarded up years ago. Who’s on the other line? A voice that none of them know, but he seems to know them. It’s him. The one Martin spoke about. Let the games begin.

Too bad Martin is in solitary confinement now.


A new episode of Prodigal Son airs Monday, November 11 on FOX at 9/8c.

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