Arrow(S08E04) “Present Tense”

Alright ladies and gentleman we have a great episode brought to us! I’m so glad that the writers and show runners chose to do this so that people can stop complaining about the flash forward scenes. We’ll get to as much as we can but for now let’s get to this review!

So as we saw in this episode Future Team Arrow was flashed into the present timeline. Now that Mia (Katherine McNamara) Adult William (Ben Lewis) and Connor (Joseph David-Jones) are in the present timeline there are things that they feel they have to keep from the current Team Arrow, like how John Jr. turns out and what happens to Adult Zoe (Andrea Sixtos).

I have to be honest I actually enjoyed the flash forward scenes, they were giving people a look at what happens to the city long after Oliver/Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) is gone. But I also understand that there were a lot of people who didn’t like that scenario which is probably why the writers chose to combine both timelines together, which isn’t all too bad.

One good thing that could come out of it is this could be how Mia gets her super suit. Maybe she will get the yellow and black suit that comic book Mia has. It would be awesome to see her get her own suit and continue using that black bow because that’s what she uses in the comics. But who would create the suit? Would it be Curtis (Echo Kellum) who returned in this episode, would it be Adult William, or would Oliver make it himself? Either way, if Mia makes it all the way to the crossover I think we all can agree she needs a super suit by then. But Mia might not choose to wear the suit until it comes to the death of Oliver just a theory.

I liked that William got the chance to finally come out to Oliver, even though Oliver and Felicity already knew apparently. But at least Oliver was finally able to hear it for himself from William even if it’s his adult self. But it’s good to see Adult William and Mia have time to get to know Oliver more while they can.

From the sounds of things Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) really liked the idea of the Canary’s and hopes to make it move forward early on. But by the team finding out about things in the future will there be repercussions from trying to change things? We’ve seen from Barry/The Flash trying to change things that it made some things bad at first but eventually got used to, maybe it will be the same if Future Team Arrow changes things. I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.

It seems like they might have changed at least a tiny something already by having Grant Wilson/New Deathstroke (Jamie Andrew Cutler) sent to Blackgate prison in Gotham City. So now if he breaks out or if future John Jr. tries breaking him out he’s Batwoman’s problem now. But I have a feeling that Grant won’t be going anywhere but that’s my opinion.

Next Episode: Arrow(S08E05) “Prochnost” airs Tuesday November 19, 2019 at 8/9c on The CW