“The Affair” (S05E511) Series Finale

The Affair Ends

I can’t believe The Affair is really ending.  There’s so much to address in this 90 minute episode.  Our love of The Affair ends, but, are all of our questions answered?

The Affair began with Noah (Dominic West) and fittingly ends with Noah.  If memory serves correct, in the first season episode,  Noah was swimming and fast-forward to the series final episode, he’s dancing.

Noah & Helen

Noah has become a wedding planner extraordinaire even after being exiled from the wedding. Here he is teaching Stacey (Abigail Dylan Harrison), Trevor (Jadon Sand), Sierra (Emily Browning), Martin (Jake Siciliano), Margaret (Kathleen Chalfant)  and Colin (Max Fowler) flashmob moves to surprise Whitney(Julia Golden Telles).

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Courtesy of Showtime; Noah (Dominic west), Helen (Maura Tierney), Colin (Max Fowler)

It’s ironic that Noah gets some father and son time with both Trevor, Martin and Colin.  Trevor admits to Noah that he wished he was around more and doesn’t hate him.  It’s the reinforcement he needs, since, Noah probably hates himself the most.  Martin, unable to write a speech for the wedding, gets some sound advice from Noah.  Colin confesses to Noah that his father got arrested and his mother missed the flight he purchased, because she can’t deal with complex situations…connecting flights.  Making sure the wedding goes off without a hitch, Noah offers to purchase a new ticket for Colin’s mom. 

As Noah gets ready to leave, he sees Bruce (John Doman) wondering outside and calms him down.  They find cover so Whitney wouldn’t see him.  Noah makes his way to Memory Motel. No wonder the Solloway’s  all end up there by the end of the episode.

To Noah’s surprise, Helen (Maura Tierney)shows up at the motel.  She shares the video of the kids doing his choreographed routine. Drinking champagne, Helen admits that she still loves Noah.  As Helen walked Whitney down the aisle, Whitney told her that all she wants is for her to be happy.  For Helen, being married to Noah made her happy.  Despite his affair, Helen sees Noah as a good person that has had a troubled past.  His affair, made her stronger and more aware of herself. When we really think about it,

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Courtesy of Showtime; Joanie (Anna Paquin)

Joanie finds herself at The Lobster Roll.  She and Noah get into a small exchange, unbeknownst to her that he was married to Alison (Ruth Wilson), leaving her fuming and plotting to kill Ben. This is a full circle episode. Noah bought The Lobster Roll.  EJ (Michael Braun) arrives just as Joanie is loading her shotgun.  He pleads with her to runaway with him to Vienna.

During their drive, EJ discloses his true identity.  EJ is Sierra and Vic’s (Omar Metwally) son.  I’m kind of disappointed that I didn’t figure that out from the beginning.  EJ was overly invested in Joanie and Cole.  Come to find out that Eddy worked construction when Noah purchased The Lobster Roll.  He spent part of his life in Montauk. Instead of going with Eddie, Joanie went back to see Noah.  He told her all about Alison and her resilience.  He told Joanie how Alison was healing from the trauma she experienced and in turn helping others.

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Courtesy of Showtime;

In some ways, Noah’s conversation with Joanie was reminiscent of the conversation he had with Helen on Whitney’s wedding day and the night they decided to try again.  Joanie decided that she wanted to go home and reconcile with her family.

Choosing to stay with someone is hard.”- Noah Solloway


As she dances with Martin, Whitney shares that she misses Noah.  Leave it up to Martin to tell her that Noah is in Montauk.  Whitney finds out from her siblings and Colin that Noah continued to plan the wedding and even paid for a flight for Colin’s mother.  Upset by the news, Whitney seeks advice from Bruce, who, agreed to  cause a scene so Whitney, Colin, Trevor, Martin and Stacey can leave the wedding.

They arrived at Noah’s motel to find Helen had beat them to the punch. Shielding her siblings from their makeup tryst, the group waited outside, drinking champagne, eating cake, laughing and finally being a family again.

We find out that Stacey has become a writer, inheriting her father’s talent.  While sitting graveside, which we discover is Helens, Noah reads a chapter from the book.  Helen and her mother died within months of each other.

The Affair epitomizes the consequences of our actions.  The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, and we take the most important people in our lives for granted.  When we really think about the ending, Noah continues to suffer. He’s the one left behind. The Affair ends with some of favorite characters finding peace and closure within themselves.

Since the show traveled between time periods, it would have been nice to see what happened with Whitney and Colin and whether Ben (Ramon Rodriguez) paid for his crime.

Overall,  thank you to Showtime and The Affair for giving us five seasons of love, lust, lies, laughter and forgiveness.