Van Helsing(S04E07) “Metamorphosis”

Alright ladies and gentleman we had a phenomenal episode brought to us tonight, holy hell it was phenomenal! We have quite a lot to talk about and I think it’s time for us to get to this review!

So, the moment we all ya been waiting for has come. Dracula (Tricia Helfer) finally rose from the darkness and I was in awe by the performance! So long have we been waiting for this moment to come in the series and it was worth the wait. I find it amusing that it took the sacrifice of Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) in order to have the great legend rise from her tomb along with the blood of a Van Helsing. But I suppose we can now say Rest In Peace Sam, it took four seasons for you to meet your demise but it was four seasons that we got to know and love your character for all the creepy times you have given all of us.

We also got to finally see Abraham Van Helsing (Michael Eklund) who apparently had to sacrifice himself by trapping him in the dark realm with Dracula for all those years ago. He’s been apparently waiting for Vanessa (Kelly Overton), Violet (Keeya King), and Jack (Nicole Munoz) to try to help them with the pages of the Van Helsing family book to create the weapon that would destroy Dracula once and for all. But the pages were ripped out.

We also had the reveal of whose eggs Violet and Jack were made from and drum roll it is Vanessa; congratulations Vanessa you had not one, not two but three kids in your life. Unfortunately Violet and Jack came first and Dylan was third. But now that Vanessa did what Abraham did all those years ago by falling into the prison of darkness with Dracula.

But now that Vanessa is trapped with Dracula and Abraham, will Violet and Jack find the missing pages of the book? I have a feeling that they will, most likely close to the season finale and then will be the second rising of Dracula. But we shall see; maybe Violet and Jack will recruit the help from Julius (Aleks Paunovic) and Doc (Rukiya Bernard) and maybe all of them will find the pages together to try to save Vanessa from the dark realm.

I have to admit the score for this episode was phenomenal, that piece that the composers created for the rising of Dracula was creepy, dark, and I loved it. The whole score for the episode was phenomenal but that piece was genius, I have never had chills when it came to a piece of music in a long time but that rising piece gave me those chills and that’s when I know it’s a great masterpiece.

The episode was written by the man who started it all Mr. Neil Labute who I have to say thank you for writing a dark and masterful episode that we were given to tonight! I absolutely loved it, The writing was a masterpiece, you are literally one of the most awesome people ever in the industry in my opinion.

Next Episode: Van Helsing(S04E08) “The Prism” airs Friday November 15, 2019 at 10/9c on Syfy