Bull (S04E07) “Doctor Killer”

a case study

“Doctor Killer ” or…”Killer Doctor” is about greed,  “man’s inhumanity ” and  what we are willing to do for , power,  success and personal  comfort

Our story begins with  Lily Zbyszek (Alicia Hardibg) hospitalized and being spoon-fed ice cream by her brother, Jonathan  (Ray Proscia). Her child,  Andrew (Johan Gran) is also present in the room when Dr. Floyd Weber arrives. (Jason Liebman) 

 Dr. Weber drops the bomb, Lily’s current state of Brain CA leaves her with weeks if not days to live.   There’s is nothing they can do.

“Oh…but wait,” There is a trial study that may give her the gift of life. “Sign here.”  9 weeks later, Lily is dead. Shortly thereafter,  Dr. Weber is also dead. He was killed by Andrew, Lily’s son. 

Andrew confesses, to stop his Uncle John from taking the blame.  After all he did it!  Bull takes the case. 

The case hinges on intent. What was Andrew’s intention when he shoved Dr. Weber?  Andrew needs to testify. Only he knows his heart.  Yet the case becomes two-fold. What was the doctor’s intent?

Andrew watched his mom, scream and hallucinate. It was a painful, agonizing death. He accidentally pushed Dr. Weber and killed him. He fell 50 feet into a concrete construction pit and died.  He has regrets. 

However, Weber was the guinea pig finder.  He had tried 17 others. All of whom said ‘no”.  He would have to pay back half a million dollars if he found no one within two years.

Time had run out until Lily came along at the last minute. 4 days of the deadline. She was his lifesaver. He’s a murderer! 

Across town, Chunk is waiting in Bull’s car to go with Anna. She cries in the car en route. Later, Chunk looks for a Baptist Church. 

It is a good episode on the values we put on life, how we maintain it, sustain it and appreciate it.

Regretting things doesn’t make you guilty of having caused them.”-Bull Wisdom.