Riverdale (S04E05) Chapter Sixty-Two ‘Witness The Prosecution’

Hey there, Riverdale fans! Sorry for the (slightly) late review again. Life has sure been busy! This episode had a lot of goings-on so this review might be a bit longer just to let you know. Let’s get on with the review!

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Archie patrolling the dangerous streets at night. Photo from IMDB.
Meet the ghostwriter

This episode starts off with Archie (KJ Apa) as a vigilante. He is patrolling the streets near his community centre at nighttime. Betty (Lili Reinhart) asks Kevin (Casey Cott) to join her in the junior FBI training. Veronica (Camilla Mendes) is now siding with her mother, Hermione (Marisol Nichols) in her trial. Archie’s mother Mary (Molly Ringwald) is her lawyer. Meanwhile, at Stonewall Prep, Jughead (Cole Sprouse) finds some actual evidence of the famed ‘Stonewall Four’. One of his classmates tells him that Moose is fine and at basic training.

Jughead finds out that Mr. Chipping (Sam Witwer) is a ghostwriter for his favorite series of mystery novels that he loved as a child. The Baxter Brothers. To celebrate the latest book, Mr. Chippping invites them to a wine and cheese reception, where the original author will also be attendance. Pop (Alvin Sanders) gets a subpoena. Veronica goes to talk to her father, Hiram (Mark Consuelos), who won’t do anything. Veronica talks to his lawyer and asks to be a witness in her father’s trial.

a study in madness

FBI training starts. They start off with serial killers. There are sets of mugshots and Betty correctly guesses who the serial killer is in all of them. Charles (Wyatt Nash) says the thing that links all serial killers together is the serial killer gene. At home, Jughead finds his set of books from his childhood. He starts reading one of them and discovers one of the pages has been ripped out. While Archie is repainting the community centre building, one of the business owners approaches him with a kid. Says the kid was stealing. Archie vouches for him.

Jughead learns that they are looking for the next ghostwriter for the book series, and is totally stoked. Betty goes to the doctor who confirms that she has the serial killer genes. She lies to Kevin about it. Archie steps up his vigilante persona. He talks to the kids at the centre and tells them they ultimately have to choose between him and Dodger (Juan Reidinger). FBI training continues, and Betty is starting to become unraveled. FP (Skeet Ulrich) takes the stand at Hermione’s trial. He testifies that the drugs weren’t there. In a surprise reveal, we find out that Hermione owned the trailer where the murder took place.

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FP at Hermione’s trial. Photo from IMDB.
a game of murder

Jughead is able to talk to the original author, Francis DuPont (Malcolm Stewart) of the books. They talk about Jughead’s grandfather. Francis asks Jughead to invite his father to the reception to reminisce about old times. Veronica meets with Hermione and asks her to be completely honest. There are many other crimes she committed. Veronica has the idea to ask Governor Dooley (Fred Henderson) to pardon her if she pleas guilty. Betty has a nightmare about killing her cat Caramel when she was younger. Jughead talks to FP, who refuses to go to the reception. There was too much bad blood between him and his father.

Veronica meets with Governor Dooley and blackmails him into agreeing to pardon Hermione. At the reception, they play a game of ‘murder’. Jughead gets the murder card. After a long and cleverly played out game it’s just him and Bret (Sean Depner) left. Jughead wins the game, and Bret, as usual, is incensed and whines about it. FBI training goes on. Betty gets the idea to read her childhood diaries and finds out some unpleasant truths. At the trial, Hermione pleas guilty. At Pop’s, Betty tells Kevin the truth about her genes. She also reveals what she did to her cat as a child. Kevin suggests withdrawing from the training.

the plot thickens

Archie is getting numerous complaints from local businesses about the centre. FP suggests holding a reception for the locals and invite the press. Bret is jealous of Jughead’s talent and provokes him. He makes some nasty comments about his grandfather and his poor upbringing. Archie speaks with the press. He advocates for a positive change and essentially extends an olive branch. There are also plans to start a ‘Big Brothers and Big Sisters’ program and he encourages everyone to volunteer and to help out. Later on, Archie finds out that the local store owners are being ‘pressured’ by Dodger to speak out against him. They are paying Dodger protection money.

Jughead comes home, wanting to drop out of Stonewall. FP talks to him and convinces him to stick it out. He also reveals that the Baxter Brothers books he had gotten as a kid were from his grandfather. FP has no idea where his father is. Betty goes to Charles to explain about quitting the program. Charles reveals that he too has the serial killer genes and it’s why he joined the FBI. To control them. At the speakeasy, Veronica meets a young woman who turns out to be her father’s private investigator. She also happens to be Veronica’s older sister, Hermosa. (Mishel Prada).

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Veronica’s sister Hermosa. Photo from IMDB.
a game of spies

While reading one of his books, Jughead discovers a note from his grandfather that seems to change his outlook on Stonewall. Hiram is released from prison with all charges cleared. He announces his candidacy for Mayor of Riverdale. Realizing that she knows virtually nothing about Charles, Betty begins to spy on him to get more information. When Archie is out being a vigilante, he encounters Dodger. He threatens Dodger and declares war on him. Jughead enters the writing contest and informs everyone to call him by his formal name, Forsythe III. Fast forward to spring semester, where FP arrests Betty, Archie, and Veronica for the murder of Jughead.


Whew! That was a lot of stuff happening in one episode. I feel like everything is just so convoluted and messed up.

Who thinks Veronica having a previously unknown sister is over the top and cliched? It just adds another ridiculous and unnecessary plot twist.

So I have the theory that all the flash-fowards we are getting about Jughead are actually his story. It seems like the most logical thought, though with Riverdale you never know since they seem to have thrown out logic and common sense long ago.

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