Supergirl(S05E06) “Confidence Women”

Alright ladies and gentleman we had another great episode brought to us tonight! A whole lot was revealed and answered to us tonight and we will talk about it. So let’s get to this review!

So this episode brought us all up to speed literally up to speed with what first turned to be a sisterly friendship and eventually turned into a full on hatred between both. Yes, I’m talking about Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) and Andrea Rojas (Julie Gonzalo).

Going back to when the two were just teenagers Lena shared a story about the shadow woman mainly a legend but the legend caught Andrea’s interest. Years passed and the two kept in touch having things going crazy in their lives, Lena finding out about Lex’s (Jon Cryer) obsession with Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Andrea having to deal with down spirals of her father.

The two decide to go after the medallion from the legend that Lena talked about. When the two get to the location Andrea fell through and was given the offer by Leviathan to make things better as long as she became one of their assassins. But first she had to take the medallion and keep it a secret. And as such Andrea did so by keeping it a secret and keeping the medallion on her at all times. And just like that Leviathan made everything better.

Andrea months later was called upon activating the shadow powers. Which turned her into her villainous self Acrata. Now I have to admit Andrea’s Acrata suit looks really nice, I think we will be seeing more of Acrata in future episodes maybe having vengeance over Lena or Leviathan it’s hard to say at this point.

Andrea has sacrificed a lot even with now betraying the trust of Leviathan but I think Andrea is not going to need the medallion to use her shadow abilities anymore. Especially since she gave the medallion to Lena but as Lena found out there’s no abilities in the medallion anymore so it only means that Andrea has the powers still, right?

But the question still remains who controls Leviathan? It’s obvious that the show runners are trying their best to keep Leviathans leader or leaders a secret to use for the second half of the season. Honestly I’m hoping they are going to go by the comics and have Earth-38’s version of Talia Al’Ghul be revealed as the leader. I mean we know it can’t be Earth-1’s Talia because she is working on making a league of heroes for the future generations or at least that’s what Oliver/Green Arrow is hoping for to happen.

Another possibility could be Ra’s Al’Ghul but again it would have to be Earth-38’s version of the character if it turns out to be him for the leader of Leviathan. Honestly it’s hard to say who it could be, but I’m sure we all will be happy to find out when they do finally reveal who the mastermind is.

Next Episode: Supergirl(S05E07) “Tremors” airs Sunday November 17, 2019 at 9/8c on The CW