Black Lightning(S03E05) “The Book of Occupation: Chapter Five: Requiem For Tavon”

Alright guys and gals we have another great episode brought to us tonight! We have a lot that happened in this episode and we will get to all that we can. So let’s get to this review!

So in this episode we had Lynn (Christine Adams) working on more of the meta problem. Only problem is Lynn didn’t realize continuing this meant she had to work with Tobias (Marvin Jones III). The only problem is Tobias has figured out the secret identities of the Pierce family.

Tavon’s (Jasun Wardlaw Jr) parents came to Jefferson/Black Lightning (Cress Williams) to try to find out what happened to Tavon. Even though he already knows but to put the parents at ease he promised he would find out as much as he can.

Now if it wasn’t for Tavon helping out Anissa/Blackbird (Nafessa Williams) the kid probably wouldn’t of gotten infected with Painkillers (Jordan Calloway) venom and die in Jefferson’s arms. Was it right what happened to him, no but at the same time tragedy always happens especially when there’s a crisis happening in the city.

Because of Tavon’s wrongful death the school itself wanted to act its first amendment rights. Which is another thing that our world today is going through. It’s just like how a kid dies in our own world and everything crumbles down, well the school was sure trying to do that today. But there’s always one man who is willing to defend and protect the people who are defenseless and in this situation it was Jefferson.

Just seeing him get beat down because he’s black just brought anger to me. Of course they will try to defend their actions but it’s because Jefferson was the one getting beat down to be an example is just wrong. And sadly it’s a problem in today’s society that we see so much happening and all what a lot of people can do because they are afraid is watch. But if the students take anything from that it should be that Jefferson did not break during the beat down, he showed all of them that everything will be okay.

Now in today’s episode we found out a little bit about Brandon (Jahking Guillory) that he’s a meta human and apparently his abilities are to absorb powers or at least Jennifer’s (China McClain) powers he sure did. But who is he? Which DC character do you all think Brandon will turn out being? I’m honestly not sure and will be curious to see who he turns out to be.

Now Odell (Bill Dukes) has given Jennifer the location of those ASA men who were beating down her dad at the school, so what punishment do you think she’ll throw down at them?

And Gambi (James Remar) finally in person met Grace (Chantal Thuy) which it’s about time. It seems like Grace has better vibes with Gambi than she did with Jefferson. But it could probably be because of Gambi sharing some baby Anissa pictures with Grace. At least Grace can have a healthy family relationship with Anissa and Gambi it’s nice she can count on at least two people.

Next Episode: Black Lightning(S03E06) “The Book of Resistance: Chapter One” airs Monday November 18, 2019 at 8/9c on The CW