Mr. Mercedes(S03E10) “Burning Man”

We did it ladies and gentleman, we have reached the season finale of this season! So let’s get to this review!

It’s been a long road on this series, we have finished season three. And just like how I suspected the episode would be crazy as hell and it sure was. We had shoot outs, we had crazy killer, everything that makes for a memorable episode that you won’t forget for a long time.

So just about like how it was in the second book of the series Finders Keepers, Morris (Gabriel Ebert) had to meet his end by this episode. Which begs the question, if we get a season four who will be the villain in that story? Will it be a new character that was not in the books? It’s hard to say what will happen next, honestly I still feel like Brady is going to make some kind of return still especially after the Morris and Alma (Kate Mulgrew) incident dies down.

But yes this season was indeed a roller coaster ride, you had the dramatics rising and rising and then you had Lou’s (Breeda Wool) trial with murders happening at the same time making you feel the wind on that roller coaster as it goes down and up, down and up, until we finally got to the final confrontation which by the ending of the roller coaster ride you just feel that jerk of a stop and that’s how it felt at the ending of the episode.

Now Morris, I have to agree with him; if he would’ve chosen to not take on the Rothstein assassination case for the job then I do believe that he would’ve been happy with Danielle and probably would’ve left the state with her eventually and have a nice little life with the woman. But sadly things didn’t go that route sorry Morris, you just didn’t get lucky man. And that ending of being burned alive while trying to read the manuscripts, that’s just crazy.

But it also makes you wonder, the  dreams that Alley and Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) had about the burning man, there really was a burning man in this episode but it wasn’t who they thought it would be but it still happened. So does Alley have “the shine” gift? It would explain the horrifying dream, or is it just a coincidence? We may never know for sure but on further note Hodges daughter Alley is pregnant, it explains why they waited all this time for her to come back into Hodges life.

And Lou, sweet loving Lou, was finally able to get a job. When she said it was going to be catering, I thought “oh good she’s gonna have a job that pays really well.” Little did we know that the catering job would be Brady’s old job being The ice cream person on Brady’s old route. This is either so Lou can feel closer to Brady by taking his old routes, and taking his old job.

But who is really in control of that situation, Lou or Brady? Let me know what you think in the comments. It’s been a pleasure writing these reviews and I hope we get season four readers!

Until we meet again!