All Rise (S01E06-07) “Fool for Live”/”Uncommon Women and Mothers”

From a high entertainment trial to a mother testifying on trial, here’s a recap of the latest episodes of All Rise.

all rise season1 episode6c - All Rise (S01E06-07) "Fool for Live"/"Uncommon Women and Mothers"

“Fool for Liv”

It’s probably one of the most intense episodes of the season. “Fool for Liv” felt like it had everything thrown into one episode with Lola taking on a high celebrity trial. But along with the trial, she sees one of the trickiest lawyers in the state, who uses every trick in the book to get this trial in his favor. After a couple of setbacks and a nice B&B stay with Sherri, Lola finally got her courtroom on track and got the convection too.

Meanwhile, Emily tries to get Mark to help her client with a plea that not only he complies with what he knows of the crimes; but not to mention get him out of jail time after his grandmother said he’s not protected there. After Emily gives a strong talk to Mark about family, he decides to give the kid a good plea deal that was fair.

I enjoyed this episode very much. It had some intense moments mainly between Lola and the tricky lawyer but heart and growth between Lola and Sherri and Mark and Emily. I thought hat Ruthie Ann Miles gave a nice performance that really stood out. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

all rise season1 episode7e - All Rise (S01E06-07) "Fool for Live"/"Uncommon Women and Mothers"

“Uncommon Women and Mothers”

While this episode had some good moments, I felt that this episode didn’t execute as well as it should have. When an earthquake hits the courthouse; we see Lola reuniting with her mother as she testifies in court for Mark and Emily for an arson case. That case ended pretty well after Lola’s mother decided to give her testimony about the accused that ended up with a slap on the wrist.

Meanwhile, Sara and Sherri try to outdo each other as they think they could be better during an emergency situation. Also, Sherri might have a cop stalker who apparently doesn’t know how to do the proper paperwork for a warrant.  This, of course, I felt that this was just humor which was quite good.

While Lola was dealing with her mother, she was dealing with a cop that wanted a signed warrant to take down a resident that might have illegal guns. While Lola wanted more evidence to this claim; but instead the cop goes over her head and gets the warrant signed by another person and was proven right that the residents in the house had a butt-load of guns.

“Uncommon Women and Mothers” was good with character development and story, but some just didn’t execute the way that I had hoped it would turn out. I would think that with the earthquake that they would be going through something but instead it was just a minor story that could have been something much bigger. The episode had good humor and some good back and forth moments mainly with Simone Missick and Michael Beach. Overall, I give this episode a 7.5/10.

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