Castle Rock (S02E06) “The Mother”

And just like that, everything went crumbling down.

It’s not that I wasn’t already expecting the events of the episode, I just didn’t think it would happen this soon. Still, it was super interesting and gave the story a lot more impact. Personally, I’m loving this part of the season and I hope it doesn’t end here.

castle rock season 2 episode 6 review - Castle Rock (S02E06) "The Mother"

The episode wastes no time and dives right into Rita’s searching for Joy. She finds her surprisingly fast, and that was a downfall of the episode, in my opinion. I would think (and hope) that it would take, at least, two episodes, but no. Rita searches for the phone number, discovers that it’s a number from Castle Rock and she wastes no time and drives there. She also finds Joy’s friend who doesn’t give her much, but after offering 500$, someone else speaks up.

Rita heads to the Facility where Joy is now and… She speaks to her. As I said before, this episode went by way too quickly. Joy speaks to Rita and finds the truth. In the meantime, Annie also goes to this facility and that’s when she finds out that Rita found Joy. Knowing that, Annie decides to write a letter to Joy and she gives it to her latter.

As expected, Joy is so confused about all of this. After all, Annie is her half-sister and Annie’s dad is also her dad. It’s so damn confusing (even for me).

Later, Rita faces Annie and everything leads Rita killing Annie. And that almost happened, but Annie is smart. They fight and Rita almost gets the upper hand but Joy steps in and… She messes up. Joy injects Rita with some tranquilizer, Rita drops her gun and she accidentally shoots herself. It looks like she died, but I don’t know. Also, I hope she didn’t because this story-line was being really interesting.

Although the episode ends here, with the police arriving and Annie saying she did it, this wasn’t it for the episode. We also dived in a little deeper into the whole thing with Ace Merrill. It looks like they’re being possessing but we still don’t know much about it. It’s starting to get interesting though, so I’m curious to see what this brings to the story.

But that’s pretty much it for the episode. It was another, kind of, slow burn, but I’m enjoying this. I still don’t think it is as good as Season 1, but it seems like I’m the minority.

Let us know all your thoughts on the episode and I’ll catch you up on the next one – Wednesday, November 20 on Hulu.