The Good Place (S04E06-07) “Chapter 45: A Chip Driver Mystery”/”Chapter 46: Help Is Other People”

Could Brent be the one that could help the experiment? Here’s a recap of the last couple of episodes of The Good Place.


the good place season 4 episode 6 a chip driver mystery - The Good Place (S04E06-07) "Chapter 45: A Chip Driver Mystery"/"Chapter 46: Help Is Other People"

“Chapter 45: A Chip Driver Mystery”

The Good Place isn’t just about being good over bad; but how you should never give up on something when trying to make things work. In this episode, Michael tells Bad Janet, who’s in Janet’s void, a story about what had happened in the last six months with their group and how much things seemed so doomed that really turned into a positive outcome.

It was basically how the group tries to get Brent to be apologetic after a book that he wrote was totally offensive to the group. But after what seemed to be a failed attempted, Eleanor and the group started coming up with another plan. That’s when Michael tells Bad Janet that that’s what they’re doing coming up another plan after the other had failed because they don’t give up. Soon instead of turning bad Janet into a marble, he lets her go and gives her a book to take back.

“A Chip Driver Mystery” was a good episode from start to finish. It was a good character development with some of the supportive characters from Brent and even John. There are still on the edge moments in this show when it comes to when John learns that Jason isn’t a monk and Brent trying to apologies. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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“Chapter 46: Help Is Other People”

With only hours till the experiment is over, will Eleanor and gang make it? Here’s a recap!

As the clock is clocking down to the end of the experiment; Eleanor and gang feel pretty good about how this all will end; that is until Simone has been putting the pieces together of what she really thinks is going on. When Tahani and Jason learn of this, she tries to blow the idea away until John blew Jason’s cover of not being a monk.

With only a few hours till the celebration; Eleanor and the team figure out a way to stall until the clock strikes midnight. They use Michael and his sad magic trick show and when bringing up Brent for a trick an earthquake comes and shallow him only hanging on. Eleanor and Michael get Chidi, Simone and John to stay to help Brent while they wait to see what happens next. Turns out only Chidi stayed with Brent while Simone and John left.

With minutes to spare Eleanor and Michael pull off one more trick: admitting they are in the bad place. While leaving Chidi and Brent to think; they were hoping that Brent could pull off a hell mary that ended up not happening at the buzzer.

“Help Is Other People” is a hilarious episode that really kind of gave us the perspective of what Michael was going through in the first and second season of the series. The pace and the development of the characters were brilliant as we just hope that Brent would pull off that one miracle moment of saying, “I’m sorry.” Now with the experiment over what will happen now? Hell, what happened to Simone and John? Could Michael and Eleanor pull off a reset? Oh man, I can’t wait to see where this will be going. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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