Will & Grace (S11E04) “The Chick or the Egg Donor”

Impending parenthood is only going to bring inner conflicts and insecurities to the surface. Will & Grace does a great job of touching on these types of subjects and giving them a comedic twist. (Spoilers Ahead)

It’s all too real

Both Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace (Debra Messing) are each dealing with their fears and struggles. While Will is trying to find the perfect donor for his and McCoy’s (Matt Bomer) potential offspring, Grace is preparing for her first ultrasound. The fear is real, and their disconnect is unsettling. She needs her best friend now, more than ever, but he is too wrapped up in his world. The unknowns are overwhelming and she must go through it alone.

willandgraces11e042 - Will & Grace (S11E04) “The Chick or the Egg Donor”
Life is terrifying, and so is her doctor. (Photo by Chris Haston/NBC)

This is not the friendship that has gotten them through hell and back. They are usually on the same page, so it’s sad when Grace has to go through her appointment, and her unhinged doctor’s emotional outbursts, on her own. Each of them is dealing with different dynamics and real worldly problems. They will be brought together again, and we see that in this episode. Sometimes it just means a series of unfortunate events need to happen.

Take me out to the ball game

Karen (Megan Mullally) is struggling to find ideas to make her newly acquired baseball team, winners. She has no idea what she is doing, and neither does her partner in crime, Jack (Sean Hayes). Their saving grace comes in the form of a disgruntled baker, Amy (Vanessa Bayer), whose life was ruined by Karen. She not only grew up watching the team, but she knows a lot about baseball.

willandgraces11e041 - Will & Grace (S11E04) “The Chick or the Egg Donor”
Don’t count Karen out just yet. (Photo by Chris Haston/NBC)

Danley (Patton Oswalt) is back, and he is relentless. He can save Karen from embarrassing herself in front of the world if only she would go on a date with her. She is too proud to do something like that, especially when she finds out that Stanley is in on this whole charade as well. She cannot give him the satisfaction of seeing her fail. Thanks to some inside information, she comes across as knowledgeable. If she is going to prove the world wrong, having Amy in her corner is her best bet.

Life unexpected

Will gets an unfortunate wake up when McCoy reveals that he doesn’t want children. It was all becoming too real, and he needed to be honest. Will finds himself at Grace’s appointment, knowing that he has been so sidetracked with his issues, he’s forgotten about what she is going through. He would never let her go through one of the scariest moments of her life, alone. And she won’t let him go through his heartache alone either. They are a team, no matter what happens.

willandgraces11e043 - Will & Grace (S11E04) “The Chick or the Egg Donor”
Better, together. (Photo by Chris Haston/NBC)

Will is on the fence about what to do. Is he going to choose a life without children, but remain with McCoy. Or will he go in another direction? His answer becomes clear when the ultrasound shows a strong and healthy heartbeat. He knows what he wants at that moment. He wants to be a father, and if he has to do it on his own, so be it.

Grace will be there for him, till the very end.


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