Van Helsing(S04E08) “The Prism”

Alright ladies and gentleman we had another great episode brought to us tonight! Boy oh boy we had some good stuff that we will discuss so with that being said let’s get to this review!

In tonight’s episode we had quite a bit happen, our two new heroes have been separated once again vowing to one day return and find each other to fight against the evil vampires. Violet (Keeya King) on a mission to find the missing Van Helsing book pages and from what we found out she’s had them close to her all this time. Hidden in plain sight.

But while Violet was on her little adventure, she came across the location for the coyote to flee people across borders to get them to safety. While awaiting, Violet had her first run in with the amazing badass Ivory (Jennifer Cheon-Garcia) and the great Scab (Rowland Pidlubny)  and they had quite a fight happen. Scab like I’ve said before has once again proven how much he has changed and improved throughout the years. I think the next thing Ivory and Scab will need to work on getting before their next encounter with Violet will be bulletproof clothing that way they don’t have to worry about being hurt by the bullets that Violet use. They just gotta worry about falling chandlers, or falling buckets, or if we really want to play a home alone scenario falling bricks.

Either way it will be interesting to see Ivory and Scab have a round two fight and have Julius (Aleks Paunovic) return and fight by Violet’s side. Meanwhile, poor Jack (Nicole Munoz) was a prisoner to Bethany/Oracle (Jesse Stanley) and was even branded by her but I think the reason why she didn’t heal from the branding is because Oracle was chanting a spell or chant or something to make it so that the mark doesn’t go away by Jack’s healing factor. That’s my only theory on that, cause the episode showed Oracle chanting before taking the brand to Jack. But Jack wasn’t the only one in trouble, Oracle was in trouble with Michaela (Heather Doerksen) by trying to rise Dracula on her own. Which ended in failure of course but at least Oracle and Michaela were able to work together by trying to keep Violet in a mind-loop it’s like a time loop but in your mind.

And we got the origin of how Jacob Van Helsing (Michael Eklund) became an Elder vampire and how Willem/Hansen’s (Neal McDonough) younger self played by Dakota Daulby became a vampire as well. Which the story is quite interesting but we won’t go into details. However after seeing how he was turned and how Willem chose to take the pages and lie about their whereabouts all these years just shows the devotion he’s always had to the Van Helsing family.

And through a flashback we also saw where Jack and Violet were during the beginning of the vampire apocalypse and it looks like next weeks will be exploring Jack’s side of the story.

Until Next Time my readers!

Next Episode: Van Helsing (S04E09) “No ‘I’ In Team” airs Friday November 22, 2019 at 10/9c on Syfy