Bluff City Law Season 1; Why You Should Tune In

There’s one new show that I’ve been watching and that is Bluff City Law and why you should tune in.

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The series is basically set in Memphis, Tennessee, it’s about how a corporate lawyer Sydney Strait and her father, Elijah, a civil rights lawyer, are reunited after the death of her mother. The two might share different viewpoints of the law, but Elijah asks her to come back to his firm to help stickup to the little people that don’t get the justice that they deserve.

It tells powerful, interesting, creative and at times emotional stories; with eight episodes that already had aired, we’ve seen Elijah, Sydney, and Company fighting against Agriculture Corporation. To proving a convicted teacher that killed a girl was innocent; to proving that words from a white supremacist can as well be the trigger that got a young student killed. Not to mention, helping a blues musician to prove that he should get royalties from a song that he wrote but his brother got writing credit. Hell, they help even helped a man, who’s battling ALS, the right to die.

The show has a powerful ensemble cast from not only Jimmy Smits and Caitlin McGee; but Barry Sloane, Michael Luwoye, and Jayne Atkinson to name a few. The show develops such good well-rounded characters that show their legal point of view and their moral point of view. Plus, it shows a side to the city of Memphis, Tennesse that I just adore with its rich culture and soul. Finally, a show that’s not in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City, right?

With the final two episodes tonight and next week, I ask of you to either tune in, DVR, go to or download the NBC app to watch the show. It’s a show that I do believe deserves a second season. It’s too good to be let go because of ratings. Yeah, I understand there’s a bit too much legal drama, manly on Monday nights with All Rise and Bull; but this show is quite different than those show.

Have you seen the series? Are you a fan or not? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts.

You can catch a new episode of Bluff City Law tonight at 101/9c on NBC.