Bull (S04E08) “Safe and Sound”

“Safe and Sound” is about what’s happening now!  Guns, Gun control, parental responsibility; choices, consequences and tragedy.  It is about the danger of guns in the home, yet so much more! 

Tonight, an old college friend, Eric Crawford (Sebastian Arcelus) is charged with negligent homicide.  His  youngest son, Charlie (Jack Gore) kills his older brother, Theo (Cj Adams) with his handgun.   

It’s believed to be accident; child’s play and an unfortunate event. Yet dad is charged.. They are minors.

However, as the trial continues, the issue of guns in the home and  criminal neglience turns into a, “who dunnit?!” 

What happened?  In a lock box, that’s locked  away in a safe, is a gun.  Theo, the elder son,  has the combination to both.

Eager to play cowboy,  amid promises of behaving, Charlie convinces, Theo to show him the gun.  He does. The gun is without bullets, unloaded and safe… or is it?

Theo leaves the room, to see if his parents have returned. They haven’t.   He returns to the room and is felled, with a single gun shot to the head.  Charlie is 13.5 years old and he has just killed his brother.

Sidebar:  Marissa thought of the mirror juror process. Cool, innit?! 

So Many Questions!  Bull continues to ponder, how did the bullet get into the gun?!  He has suspicions.  He is a psychologist, after all. 

Following his gut,  Bull does a simple “Yawn” (test) with Charlie. Yawning is contagious. (I never knew!)  Charlie failed. 

Bull concludes, Charlie loaded the gun.  He’s a  Sociopath and pathological liar!  There is no cure! He killed his brother in cold blood!

What to do?  Charlie is dangerous. An utterly charming Chucky (doll) comes to mind.  Be afraid. 

Thumbs up. It was scary good!

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Yawning is contagious!