Chicago Fire (S08E05-06) “Buckle Up”/”What Went Wrong”

From a mysterious car crashes to a firefighter not following orders. Here’s a recap of episodes six and seven of Chicago Fire.


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“Buckle Up”

After a rough but heroic crossover week, firehouse 51 deals with strange car accidents that have been occurring and more. Here’s a recap!

After being called to multiple car accidents, one of which Mouch is in trouble for getting an independent worker to help, Seveide investigates to which comes to learn that the independent car towing company is the one causing the accidents.  Of course, Halstead comes in and busts them out of the business.

Stella goes off to fire training camp, at first it seemed to be like a new kid at school with no one bonding with her. But that all changed when she showed off how good of a firefighter she is; by answering the questions correctly and even thinking that she’s got a future.

Mouch comes up with an idea to have the firehouse informed more by creating The Burn Notice, the weekly newsletter. Well, that idea didn’t turn out the way that he had hoped; as Brett and the others get involved to be more informed. When Bowden sees whats been going on he had ended the letter altogether. All Mouch wanted was some cake for his birthday.

And not to forget, was last week the end of Cruz and Chloe? Oh man, I’m glad it wasn’t and thanks to Brett by talking with her about the life of a firefighter; I’m so glad that she went back to Cruz with a lovely cake pops to ask him to ask her.

“Buckle Up” was a nice easy episode after an eventful week. Yes, it was fun, even with the newsletter storyline. The Stella story was very good of showing how she’s the better firefighter than the others that are a bit higher up. And the mystery of the week was good but not as solid as the others. I don’t blame the writers to come up with something light, I can understand. But that ending was so well damn good! Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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“What Went Wrong”

When a house fire kills a family member, was it an accident or on purpose?

When 51 gets called to a house fire that kills a grandmother; Severide and Cruz question the fire as it might have been set up by the grandmother’s son-in-law. Soon after looking through and bring in CPD, it was the grandmother’s daughter that did it.

During that house call, Galo was ordered to open the backdoor to vent and not to go in. Well, after seeing the kid who lived in that house come running; Gallo goes in but almost gets burned from the backfire when Cruz and Severide went in. Casey knew after seeing him what had happened and asked him for his perspective of what had happened.

But instead, he tells how it went but Casey doesn’t believe him. After being ordered to do a whole bunch of chorus around the firehouse, Gallo finally opened up to Casey about that night he was rescued and his family died in the fire. Turns out that’s what Casey wanted to hear from the beginning and talked to him about talking about those moments will make him a better firefighter.

Oher around the episode: Brett, Foster, and Stella take on the idea of a female lounge. While it seemed like a good idea turns into a disaster with other female firefighters trashing the place. Also, with everyone knowing about Cruz’s engagement (thanks Brett), he asked Severide to be his best man. All I got to say is watch out.

“What Went Wrong” was a very good episode from beginning to end. Loved the storyline between Casey and Gallo, while things start off good turns bad after Gallo’s bad decision making; in-which got him to tell Casey the events of that fire that killed his family. That was som great writing right there. The case of the week was pretty good; as I thought it was the son-in-law and not the daughter that killed her own mother. And the female lounge was a nice humor story, didn’t win overall the best one but it was good. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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