This Is Us (S04E09) “So Long, Marianne” Fall Finale

It’s another Thanksgiving episode with the Pearsons, you know there will be a lot of cry time in this episode. Here’s a recap!


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It’s Thanksgiving and as the Pearson family prepares for their holiday tradition; Deja and her mother reunited; but with how well Deja’s mother has been with work and hanging out with friends it upsets Deja to the point that why couldn’t she had been like that with her. But the upside she forgave and enjoyed her mother’s presence.

Toby gets a truth bomb about baby Jack’s first solid food (for which I have no clue why tell him) that didn’t go so well. Even though that upset Toby, Kate was mainly upset about how Toby has changed since doing CrossFit classes. After talking to Beth about it, she was going to tell him how she feels; but instead wished him happy Thanksgiving and proceed on but reads a text message from what seems to be a lady in Toby’s class. Uh Oh!

Randall takes Anne and Nicky on a road trip to the old house to get the Pearson Family Thanksgiving traditions and while getting it; there happens to be a collection of CDs. One of the music playings happens to be a song called “So Long, Marianne” that Nicky got emotional; because it brought memories back to when he and Jack celebrated Thanksgiving together. As they got back Nicky had Randall make a stop to get some stuff to make a shrimp plate; that is now added to the family tradition, which a grownup baby Jack displays for his family Thanksgiving.

Kevin helps with Tess’ problem of how to come out in public. As they went for a Thanksgiving pre snack; they stopped at a fast food joint and he advises her to use the drive-thru intercom to come out and once she did it was all good that even she posted her celebrity crush; which got a ton of likes. Even after Nicky’s speech, he tells Kevin that it’s time for him to move back and if they needed each other that they would call. Kevin was thinking of living in a smaller environment.

I know that we all be worried about since last episode is about Rebecca. While Randall tries to apologize to her for his concern. She decides to go out for a walk to see a movie, but as we see her go out it turns out to be a flashback to what’s to come in the nine months. We see her lose her way around the town, forgot her phone, and couldn’t find her credit card. She then ended up being dropped off at the cabin by police; where we see Kevin, Kate, and Miguel along with Kevin’s wife celebrating their 40th birthday, without Randall due to a fight.

But when we come back to the present time; we see Rebecca back at Randall’s house with a bake good and tells him that when she went to see a movie she couldn’t remember what movie she was seeing during a trailer for Cats. But she admits to him that she needs to see someone.

“So Long, Marianne” was such an emotionally powerful episode; that really plays to your heartstrings like all of the holiday episodes from this series. This one really hit hard with me due to the fact that I’ve seen how people are with either Alzheimer’s and dementia due to seeing my mother take care of patients at nursing homes and me being a homecare aide that we have to learn the signs of these diseases. I think we’re going to see Mandy Moore give some of the best performance this season and beyond because after the fall finale I thought she really played the character so well. Also, I thought that Griffin Dunne gives another strong performance as well. This episode was not only written well but had so much strong character development that it was done so well. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

What did you think of the fall finale? What do you think had happen between Kevin and Randall? Who do you think is Kevin’s wife? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts.

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