Chicago Fire (S08E07-08) “Welcome to Crazytown”/”Seeing Is Believing”

From a crazy beef between a firefighter and a cop to proving a company how bad their products are. Here’s a recap of episodes seven through eight of Chicago Fire.


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“Welcome to Crazytown”

When 51 is called during a hostage situation; a fire breaks out and Kelly and Severide perform the Batman and Robin rescue. But during a high stakes situation, Herrmann and a cop have a beef with one another that doesn’t go so well with Herrmann. The cop writes a report on Herrmann that might end his career.

Herrmann tries to make amends with the cop by apologizing and offering him a free beer at Molly’s. But that didn’t end so well with him. After talking to Severide about the situation, Severide, who’s been offered a job but turns it down. But when Severide sees an opportunity that could help Herrmann and that was to take the job and make the report go away; which it did.

Brett goes out for lunch but doesn’t think it was a date; while everyone else thinks it is. When she goes after having lunch the guy was about to kiss her until she stopped him. Turning him down, she thought it was a friendly lunch outing and not a date. After using her method during a call, Casey bought her wine and told her that he’s gonna bet money that she’ll find that special someone.

And not to mention Cruz is about to give his slamigan public marker, for the wedding. After getting a spot by the bathroom; there was another firefighter who had the same model. After getting everyone from 51 t-shirts, Cruz hoped they would come to support and not only did they do but the firefighter’s ripoff model broke down and Cruz made a big sale.

“Welcome to Crazytown” was a very good exciting episode. It was intense at times between stories from Herrmann and Severide. The Cruz story might have been the humor story but it had a good story that if Cruz didn’t win against the other firefighter, things will be thrown. And the Casey and Brett just seem to be like Manstead in away building slowly. Overall I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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“Seeing Is Believing”

When Herrmann and the team go to a house fire; they learn that the fire was started by a lit candle that was too close to the couch. It just so happens that happens to be made by the factory that killed Otis. Herrmann goes far and beyond to talk to the CEO of the company to tell him that their products are dangerous.

Herrmann protested along with 51 to meet with the CEO outside the building. A week later Herrmann had a plan and needed the 51 team’s help; which was to show the CEO what their furniture can do near flames. Later that day the CEO came down to show his respects to Otis with his kids and told Herrmann that things will change.

Severide begins his new job and looks into an arson case that turns out to be accidental. But it’s his partner that could be an interesting tag team, even though she might have a crush on Casey. Stella had a difficult time balancing out work and her new training class session that even not Casey upset during a call. And while Foster is in need of money, Brett gives her the solution of being the bike instructor at the local spin cycle gym. Even though Foster was rough, she got the company to have signups that crashed their website.

“Seeing is Believing” was such a great and powerful episode; mainly Herrmann who deals with the mattress factory that killed Otis. Not only was the scene when Herrmann and everyone from 51 in front of the company building was powerful but that scene when Herrmann talking to the CEO and liting the couch on fire was so damn good. I think Stella will adjust to her jobs, at first it might be overwhelming but she’ll pull through. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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