Riverdale (S04E07) Chapter Sixty-Four: The Ice Storm

Hello everyone. It’s time for another review of the latest episode of Riverdale. Let’s get right to it!

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Archie and Mary at Fred’s grave. Photo from IMDB.

The episode starts off with the town of Riverdale planning their various thanksgiving celebrations. Archie (KJ Apa) and Mary (Molly Ringwald) visit Fred’s grave. Hiram (Mark Consuelos) has become the new mayor of Riverdale. Dodger’s (Juan Reidinger) family has come to visit him in the hospital. They’re out for revenge. There is a big ice storm approaching and everyone is nervous about it. Veronica (Camilla Mendes) has offered to help out Archie with the community centre. Archie decides to keep it open for Thanksgiving and have a feast for everyone.

At Stonewall, Jughead (Cole Sprouse) asks DuPont (Malcolm Stewart) about Mr. Chipping’s ‘suicide’. There is something suspicious about the whole thing. DuPont brushes it off and tells Jughead to forget about ‘this ridiculous notion’ that his grandfather wrote the first Baxter Brothers novel. Betty (Lili Reinhart) is off to Stonewall to visit Jughead for the weekend. Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) wants to use the storm to bury her dead uncle’s body. Toni (Vanessa Morgan) feels like she is being watched.

secrets and lies

At the community centre, Veronica produces an impressive thanksgiving feast ordered from the country club. FP (Skeet Ulrich) comes by to shut the community centre down. He is under orders from the mayor. Betty arrives safely at Stonewall. Jughead and Betty spend some time ‘catching up’. At home, FP talks to Alice (Madchen Amick) about his frustrations. She helps him calm down. The Lodges sit down to their Thanksgiving dinner. Veronica refuses to join them and rips the table cloth off the table, ruining their dinner. Archie and Mary have a conversation. She becomes emotional about Fred. It’s the first Thanksgiving without him.

Cheryl finds out that her aunt is spying on the house. She suggests inviting her aunt and cousin over for a ‘special Blossom Thanksgiving dinner.’ At Stonewall, Jughead speculates that DuPont blackmailed Chipping to stop him from helping Jughead. He did some research and discovered a secret society at Stonewall called The Quill and Skull. Both DuPont and Chipping were part of it. Some deep dark secrets were shared and quite possibly used as leverage. Hiram and Hermione (Marisol Nichols) show up at Pop’s for dinner. Alice invites them to join her and FP, much to his annoyance.

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FP and Alice at Pops. Photo from IMDB.
never have I ever

Unable to order take-out, Jughead goes to the vending machine to get snacks. He is attacked by a man in a rabbit mask with an axe. Betty manages to club him and knock him out. Another masked figure appears. It’s Bret (Sean Depner) and Donna (Sarah Desjardins). Archie is determined to keep the centre open, and with the ice storm being so dangerous, offers to keep it open overnight. The Dickensen clan shows up for dinner. Betty stitches up Bret’s wound. As Bret and Donna leave, Jughead finds what appears to be a suicide note.

Jughead confronts Bret about it, but he plays it off. Both Jughead and Betty know there’s more to it than that, and concoct a plan to try and find out what is going on. At the centre, Eddie (Ajay Friess) warns Archie about Dodger’s family. Archie goes to talk to them. A confrontation arises and a gun gets pulled. It goes downhill from there. FP, Alice, Hermione, and Hiram are in the speakeasy reminiscing about the ‘good ole’ days’. Betty, Bret, Jughead and Donna play ‘never have I ever’. Betty gets up in a pretense to get more alcohol. She searches Donna’s room. She finds a tie-pin with a skull on it, and the initials RC engraved on the back.

guns and fists with a side of ‘special pies’

Archie is getting frustrated at the situation at the centre. He wants to fight back. As Archie goes in to confront them, Dodger’s mother Darla (Azura Skye) points the gun at him. She demands him to kneel and confess that he had hurt Dodger. The kids back him up and claim to be the masked avenger, but the gesture just makes Darla angrier. As she is about to shoot Archie, there is an explosion. Molly is able to get the gun. She uses her lawyer’s authority to send the family packing. They find out later that it was the deep fryer that had exploded.

FP and the others are still talking. FP finally speaks his mind to Hiram, who gets angry. The two of them get into a fight. At the Blossom family dinner, Cheryl asks Nana Rose (Barbara Wallace) for the story of the first Blossom Thanksgiving. Nana Rose spins a rather gruesome tale of the settlers being stuck in a severe ice storm. As starvation sets in, the family is forced to turn on each other. They end up eating their own. Cannibalism. Cheryl implies that the meat pies her aunt and cousin were eating are the cooked remains of her uncle. They end up leaving the house in a rather hurried manner.

the plot thickens

As Jughead continues their game, he realizes he is getting nowhere. He confronts Donna and Bret. Donna gets upset and runs off. Betty follows her. She asks about the tie-pin and finds out that Donna had an affair with Mr. Chipping. She knew it was wrong, and when she tried to end it, he got very abusive and violent. FP talks with Alice and realizes that he can have the best of both worlds. He can be the town sheriff and a gang leader. Cheryl and Toni are celebrating their victory. It is revealed the meat pies were lamb. Everything has worked out.

Betty doesn’t fully believe Donna is telling the truth. She suggests for Jughead to see the headmaster about it. At the community centre, dinner is finally served. Archie says grace before they eat. FP goes to the hospital and discovers Dodger is gone from his room. At school, when Jughead sees the headmaster walk by, he tries to get his attention. But he is speaking with Donna. Bret informs Jughead that Donna told him the story about the affair. It ‘finalizes’ the notion the Chipping committed suicide because he was wracked with guilt over what he had done to Donna. Betty starts her crime vision board.


Archie and Mary talk about their past Thanksgivings with Fred, and they put up a memorial plaque and photo of Fred at the community centre.

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Jughead, Betty and Kevin at the unveiling of the plaque. Photo from IMDB.


Well, this episode was actually one of the better ones. It felt a bit more on the ‘normal’ side for Riverdale. So I think Donna is telling the truth about the affair, only I think it’s Mr. Chipping who tried to end it and Donna becoming aggressive and abusive. Did anyone think the ‘cannibalism’ scene was reminiscent of (OK SPOILERS HERE) the scene in The Rocky Horror Picture Show where they were eating Eddie? It creeped me out, even though we eventually found out they were lamb pies.

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