Supernatural (S15E04) “Atomic Monsters”

SPN 1774 - Supernatural (S15E04) "Atomic Monsters"


“Dean! That’s real bacon!”

“Damn right it is! MEAT MAN!”

(Dean sort of being nice to Sam this morning.)


Hello all!

So, to kick things off, I guess I’ll go ahead & start with my prediction for his episode. (Disclaimer: I haven’t seen any spoilers for this episode at all, only rewatched the preview for this episode.):

(#1) We seem to be backtracking to the old ways again ( aka Going on a Regular Family Hunting Trip) in a small town near a forest probably. That obviously deals with students. I’ve noticed every time this happens the boys are trying to forget all the bad & do what they do best. Or do what I just mentioned & this is just a way to show that the next episode something really bad is going to happen.

Overall I’m still excited for this episode. Hopefully, Dean opens up more…maybe; I’m typing this before I actually go watch the episode. 

Going to answer 5 Questions for all my reviews from here on out:

(1) What did I get from the promo?

(2) Who is in this episode?

(3) What did I like about this episode?

(4) What didn’t I like about this episode?

(5) What scene(s) did I like best?

* Name of Next Episode & Air Date


( #2 ) The characters that appear in this episode are Dean, Sam, Becky, Chuck (aka God), Vice-Principal of Beaver High, & Bill plus his parents. 


( #3 ) Main things I enjoyed or liked from this episode were:

  • Dean giving Sam actual meat to eat & not anything healthy. I laughed so hard at this scene way too much!
  • Demon blood being referenced after all this time. It’s been decades since anyone has mentioned demon blood.
  • Sam putting his foot down while talking to heartless parents after a girl’s death.
  • Billy doing the right thing. And getting his parents to listen to what he has to say instead of them trying to decide for him.
  • Dean’s pep talk to Sam in the car ride home; Becky encouraging Chuck to get back into doing the thing he loves most. Writing. Which might not have been a good idea.


“For the first time, in a long time, I like myself. So I don’t need you.”

“I know. You don’t need me. No one does. I’m happy for you Becky, that you like yourself. Because I kinda hate me right now.”

(Becky talking to Chuck in her living room.)


( #4 ) The things that I didn’t like about this episode:

  • Chuck scaring the hell out of Becky by showing up in front of her house. I was literally screaming, RUN GIRL! RUN!
  • Chuck getting hold of a computer; Getting rid of Becky & her family. They didn’t deserve that at all!


( #5 ) Scene(s) I loved this episode:

Seeing Becky’s work area. Shows she’s a full-fledged fan!

Becky’s reaction to Chuck’s ending for the Winchesters. Her face made me concerned about what would happen next. 

Each episode is more & more surprising by the minute. I’m ready for the nex one~


Next Episode Title: “Proverbs 17:3”

Air Date: 14th November 2019. 


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