Supernatural (S15E05) “Proverbs 17:3”

SPN 0367 - Supernatural (S15E05) "Proverbs 17:3"


“Whatever you’re worried about. Whatever comes towards you, we’ll handle it. I promise you that.”

(Dean talking to the survivor of the camping accident.)

* Just a quick reminder before my review, still using the same questioning format as the last review:

(1) What did I get from the promo?

(2) Who is in this episode?

(3) What did I like about this episode?

(4) What didn’t I like about this episode?

(5) What scene(s) did I like best?

* Name of Next Episode & Air Date


Mountain Lions? It always has to be a Mountain Lion.

But we all know it’s probably a werewolf or something else. Or it could be what Chuck wrote up for his darn ending..which isn’t going to end well. Also, is this their first time being Wildlife Ragers? I don’t remember them ever going undercover as one. Well by the way they look, I feel like they’re going on a camping trip than an investigation.  (Disclaimer: I haven’t been spoiled of anything, I’m just going off by what I see in the preview as a guess of how the episode might go.)  ( #1) 


{ I want to say this first before getting into my review, to answer Dean’s Question at the end (of this episode that I’m reviewing), “How are we supposed to fight God?” Simple answer, get the Scythe that can reap God. Duh! It was mentioned a while back that even God has his end & Death has the scythe to take care of it. Just saying, now on to my review. }


( #2 ) In this episode, we have Dean, Sam, The Sheriff, the werewolf brothers, the young girl who survived the attack (forgot to write her name), & Lilith.


( #3 ) ALL OF THE REFERENCING! Like goodness, we got a lot of Throwbacks this episode I swear:

  • Demon Blood (again)
  • Mark of Cain
  • The First Blade
  • Sammy becoming the new Lucifer, again! And wearing a white suit.
  • Dean Koontz was mentioned. 
  • Jimi Hendrix was mentioned.
  • Dean underestimating the Ghost Jerky. Laughed so hard cause he tried to be tough but it didn’t work out. 
  • Everyone questioning Dean’s Wildlife Agent ID.


“Did you ever want to be anything else?”

“Jimmy Hendrix!”

(Dean joking with the young lady he’s protecting.)


( #4 ) The things that I didn’t like:

  • The good werewolf brother killing himself. I thought he would be the one to turn around, be good, & go on a spiritual journey for himself. Not die!
  • Yes, I’m mentioning it again! They still won’t mention how they can just reap God with Death’s scythe already! They’re not out of options damn it! 


( #5 ) The BIG reveal that Lilith is back! I really wasn’t expecting that a all! Like I’m serious! 

I wonder who else God will pull from the Empty. Cause this is truly going to be one hell of a fight if he pulls someone we’re truly not ready to see again! 


Next Episode Title: “Golden Time”

Air Date: 21st November 2019.


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