Supernatural (S15E06) “Golden Time”

Supernatural Eileen Tadah - Supernatural (S15E06) "Golden Time"


“Wait, did you eat the whole box?”

“Yes. Because I’m a champion!”

(Sam talking to Dean while looking for clues on God or Lilith.)


* Just a quick reminder before my review, still using the same questioning format as the last two reviews:

(1) What did I get from the promo?

(2) Who is in this episode?

(3) What did I like about this episode?

(4) What didn’t I like about this episode?

(5) What scene(s) did I like best?

* Name of Next Episode & Air Date


My thoughts on the little promo I saw before watching the episode:

My hunch is that the witch we keep seeing might be from the past Coven that Rowena was involved in. Or a certain Coven she pissed off & shouldn’t have? Or just a rival of Rowena’s who’s finally ready to shine since she’s out of the picture?

I hope he boys weren’t thinking about recruiting her? Or maybe here stealing something from her that they need?! Who knows. Just guessing at this point.  ( #1 )


( #2 ) The glorious humans in this episode are Dean, Sam, Castiel (finally he’s back), Elaine ( the sweet lady who is basically Sammy’s potential girlfriend), Caleb’s Mom & Caleb, Emily with Mom & older sister.


( #3 ) Moments I enjoyed the most from the episode:

  • Elaine’s return!
  • Sammy’s love for Elaine still exists & that makes me happy as hell because I ship them so hard!
  • Rowena left all of her possessions to Sam. She trusts him that much & I love her for that.
  • Sam showing off!In a good way of course. He might as well start using magic more often.
  • Finding out hat Cast has been enjoying fishing & being out in nature. 


“She made me invisible for a week.”

“Well, that’s not so bad.”

“She tried to sell my soul to a demon. And when I had my first crush. She turned him into a water balloon. And popped him.”

(Emily telling Sam how awful her older sister is towards her.)


( #4 ) Those moments I didn’t like in this episode:

  • Finding out Elaine was in Hell. Another person who shouldn’t have been there but in heaven.
  • Dean giving up again & being a bum.
  • Emily’s death. To be honest, Sam did give her a good offer after hearing what all she had been through. She should have taken it while she had the chance or just run in general.
  • Cast’s powers are fading again.


( #5 ) Favorite scene(s) from the episode:

* Emily might be adorable but she wasn’t playing with those dolls! She loves cracking bones just as much as her mother!

* I actually did like the whole, them looking through a large mirror to spy on them. Honestly thought they were going to pop through like “Alice Through the Looking Glass”

* Sammy completing the spell that Rowena couldn’t. And he gave Elaine a physical form again! In my mind, that’s a WIN for them.


Next Episode Title: “Last Call”

Air Date: 5th December 2019. 


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