Van Helsing(S04E09) “No ‘I’ in Team”

Holy Crap ladies and gentleman we had a phenomenal episode brought to us tonight and we had a whole lot happen. So let’s get to this review!

So in this episode we had a look into what Jack’s (Nicole Munoz) life was like before the apocalypse came. Which she seemed to have a pretty good life, she was a part of the bow hunters school club, she had a girlfriend, she was even supposed to be in a tournament to show off those archery skills if only the apocalypse didn’t come she probably would’ve gotten her team in first place.

We did see that they are open to having more LGBTQ community people in this apocalypse which I love, to see that Jack is right up there with that in this apocalypse world is amazing. I’m glad that they are giving more series’s the LGBTQ way for at least some characters. It’s just awesome, I fully support it and always have.

We see that Jack and her girlfriend Shelly (Jessica McLeod) were a really good team, I figured though that all her team mates had to have died because when we first met Jack she said she had to travel a lot of states in order to get back to Washington D.C. so I figured all of them had to have died but it’s good that we got to see how all of them died. I do have to say it was sad to see Shelly die, even though we only met her in this episode I became fond of her and was at least hoping to have seen her and Jack get out of the certain state they were in and travel to where they had to go. Not going to lie though, that goodbye that Shelly did to Jack before she jumped off the building made me cry. I was literally shedding tears with Jack.

It’s amazing how close they were though when the rising first happened. Like they were really close to the volcano that released the cover that the vampires needed to start the apocalypse. But it sucked how Jack’s coach (Miranda Edwards) died, she was literally just trying to do a good deed by helping someone when being attacked by the vamps when she was turned.

The question remains though, who was the what I’m calling him Mysterious Vampire (Barry Nerling) that had saved Jack and her friends and even made sure that Jack got to the roof? Who is he? Was he employed by Hansen/Willem (Neal McDonough)? Or is he just a vampire that wanted to protect Jack? I feel like we need to know more about this character, I would like to know more.

We are now down to four episodes left for the season people, we need to be telling Syfy network how much we want another season brought to us! We can’t have the season end with a cliffhanger and then have millions of questions never answered. So here’s what you readers need to do, tell Syfy to Renew Van Helsing! And keep it going, the more it trends the more it will get Syfy’s attention. With that being said until next time my readers!

Next Episode: Van Helsing(S04E10) “Together Forever” airs Friday November 29, 2019 at 10/9c on Syfy