Castle Rock (S02E07) “The Word”

There’s a connection between the two seasons, after all!

This episode of Castle Rock really took me by surprise. As you might know, I prefer Season 1 to Season 2, at least, so far. But they introduced elements of the previous season and so my interest picked. And I got even more invested with how it ended, which was just an huge shock. So let’s unpack this episode!

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I know I had said that I missed Bill Skarsgard this season but I wasn’t expecting this outcome. Oh, and needless to say that this review will have major spoilers (starting with that picture).

First of all I need to apologize for the late review. I wanted to post this earlier but life got in the way. Hope you can forgive me. Post that, let’s talk about the episode.

There’s actually so much to it. Unfortunately for some people, most of it doesn’t involve Annie. I had catch by now that this season isn’t really about Annie. Yes, Annie is like the main character, but the main plot of the season isn’t her and this episode shows exactly that.

The episode starts with an introduction to the people that used to live in Salem’s Lot (when it was called New Jerusalem). That’s when we get the first connection to Season 1. We see the girl that was in the ‘portal’ to time travel, when Henry goes there (I believe it was him, but I’m not 100% sure). Turns out that people think she’s a witch. So, she and her ‘boyfriend’, the pastor, are kicked out of the camp where they live. That’s when, as she’s strolling around in the woods, she comes in contact with some sort of Angel. Important to note that, the place where she sees this Angel, is the same place where there’s the ‘portal’. The place where Henry goes missing.

Back in present time, everything gets clearer. They literally show us that the person in Ace’s body is the witch’s (Amity) boyfriend, the priest, and everyone else is someone from that camp.

Later on, back in the past, we see Amity and the priest go back to the camp with food and just making the ground fertile again. Of course there’s people that don’t trust her and those people she just kills later on, like they used to do to the witches, in the fire. The only thing different is that the crosses are upside down, and that’s when I stopped trusting her and her Angel. Upside down crosses are a symbol of Satan and so with that I knew there was something evil going on with this people. And even further down the episode we see the ‘Angel’ basically tell Amity to kill herself and everyone else in the camp and that after centuries, more precisely after 400 years they would come back to life. Funny that in just a couple of days it will be Castle Rock’s 400th anniversary.

As for the present, someone notices Ace’s shady businesses – Pop. That happens when he goes to the prison (in a really ironic scene where Tim Robbins, who was in Shawshank Redemption, gets back to Shawshank) and talks with Ace’s father, who tells Pop that his son had visited him. A guard also tells Pop that Ace went to Block F, the place where the Kid was locked in Season 1. When they got there, the cage was empty (remember that in the end of Season 1, Henry left the Kid in the cage), locked and with some clothes there. Little did I know that this was all connected.

The biggest reveal comes in the end. In Castle Rock’s pared (two days before the 400th anniversary) Ace gives the town a little present – a statue of the Angel – which makes everyone stare at it. Everyone but Pop, who isn’t facing the statue and only saw it through a reflected balloon.

In the end we see who Amity saw – the Angel’s face. Yes, it was the Kid.

That reveal really blew me away. However, I have so many more questions now. How did the Kid end up there? How did he got out of the prison? What’s this entity? I mean, my theory is that the Kid got out of the prison during the time that it was closed and he went to that cliff where the ‘portal’ is, maybe trying to get to his own timeline. However, he ended up going back in time, again, and that’s how he saw Amity. But the evil stuff and the resurrection just don’t make sense to me so… I’m just going to wait for the show-runners tell me what is really going on here.

My other theory though is that it’s It aka Pennywise. It’s really a stretch but think about it. Bill Skarsgard plays Pennywise, so there’s that. Then, the reason why Amity saw a big light were the deadlights of Pennywise, and that is also the reason why she’s making her do bad/evil stuff, because he’s Pennywise. This probably won’t happen but it’s fun to theorize.

I would love to know which are your theories so feel free to leave us a comment.

Well, needless to say that I’m so stocked for the next episode. I’ll catch up to you then, on the next one – Wednesday, November 27 on Hulu.