Prodigal Son (S01E09) “Pied-A-Terre”

On the latest episode of Prodigal Son, our dearly devoted profiler continues to lose his grip on reality. Will his demons end up winning? Or will he be able to fight back and find the answers he so desperately needs? (Spoilers Ahead)

Normal is Weird

Malcolm’s (Tom Payne) nightmares are getting more vivid, and he is having trouble discerning between what is real, and what is not. There is an angry, dilapidated ghost haunting his sleeping and waking moments. His subconscious needs answers, but unfortunately, he isn’t any closer to getting them.

His therapist sheds some necessary light on his psyche. Perhaps not all of his issues are because of his father, he is human after all. Malcolm has never given in to the “normal” pressures of society. She suggests that he focus on the basics of life. Eating, sleeping, and sex. Normalcy if you will, if that is even possible in his world.

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Coincidence? Perhaps. (Photo: IMDB)

This is when Eve (Molly Griggs) just so happens to “stumble” upon him after his therapist’s appointment. He takes a chance and asks her out, they seem to have some sort of connection. But I can’t help but wonder if this was calculated ahead of time, there is something about Eve. I just can’t put my finger on it. Right place? Right time? I think not.

Saved by the dead man

Malcolm is having a good day for once, and a new murder is just the icing on the proverbial cake. This is exactly what he needs, to give his mind that much-needed buffer. The latest murder is a crime of passion, and the innuendoes are off the chart, as one could expect. Edrisa (Keiko Agena) always lightens up the mood, with her awkward confessions and matter-of-fact findings. Nothing is untouched, not in this episode.

All is not what it seems, but when is it ever? The latest victim is not who they thought he was. It turns out that two strangers were using the apartment for their “sexcapades”, and not the presumed wife/husband affair angle. The wife, Beth (Kristen Connolly), is distraught at the death of a stranger, but, one can’t help but think there is a bigger connection. There always is, isn’t there?

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That’s what she said? (Photo: IMDB)

Due to Malcolm picking up on something “else”, he is able to get Beth alone, and she confesses that she knows the victim, Caleb, in fact, she slept with him frequently while she was in town. Not exactly an affair, she was part of an “exclusive” group, that explore sexual fantasies in an open community. It’s curated and organized by one elusive man, Jasper. Time to go down the rabbit hole.

Lust and Love, a dangerous duo

Malcolm isn’t one to back down from a challenge, so when he must go “undercover” to get a meeting with the mystery man, Jasper, then he will do anything necessary. First, they must track him down. This leads JT (Frank Harts) and Malcolm to a fetish shop, run by an old “friend”. Nico (James Cusati-Moyer) (yes, that is the guy Malcolm saved by chopping his hand off.). Not only are they able to get information, but Malcolm also has time to ask JT for “normal” dating advice. Billiards anyone?

The mission leads Malcolm to a restaurant, where he meets Simone (Mara Davi). A man like Jasper doesn’t do face-to-face meetings, of course. It can never be easy, but she insists on “sampling” the goods, so how could Malcolm turn her down? If only he wasn’t wired and the rest of the team wasn’t listening in. I’m sure there are other whims he would’ve given into. Instead of a night of passion, it ends in a night of questioning. They have nothing on her though.

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Double Date. Double Trouble. (Photo: IMDB/Prodigal Son)

Nothing like date night to end a vigours day of “investigating”. Jessica (Bellamy Young) is thrilled about Malcolm dating, but she is too over the top with her ideas. He isn’t having any of her grand gestures. Malcolm decides to listen to JT’s sage advice instead. Which ends up with JT, his wife, Tally (Carra Patterson), Malcolm and Eve having an unexpected double date. You think that would be sweet, but this is Malcolm we are talking about. When he pulls out his “profiler” powers, it ends up upsetting Eve, once he starts there is no stopping it. Talk about awkward.

The A-Ha Moment

Dani (Aurora Perrineau) was able to track down the whereabouts of Jasper, so all hands on deck. A blood trail doesn’t bode well for them, as another body is found. Charlie, a.k.a. Jasper has met an untimely death, although it seems that ALS was already taking over his body. Malcolm is able to put the pieces together when they find that Simone is actually his wife. He created this world for her, to give her the things she no longer got from him. It’s a twisted love story, but a love story none-the-less.

Simone is in great danger, the killer is out there, and she’s angry. This is when the pieces fall together and Malcolm figures out who has done what. When at first, the husband was suspect, he was just a bystander, a watcher. It’s Beth who fell for Caleb, and that was against the rules of their exclusive club. If she couldn’t have him, no one could. It spiraled from there, resulting in Simone’s kidnapping and a stand-off with Beth and a gun. Good thing Malcolm is skilled at talking people down.

Happy Ending?

Jessica has been concerned with Malcolm, she knows that he has been hiding something from her. So goes to Gil (Lou Diamond Phillips), as she often does, and he reveals that the girl in the box was a real person. She had been denying the existence of this girl for years, which took a toll on Malcolm. Gil is very tender and understanding with Jessica, embracing her and comforting her. You can’t help but think there is more going on there. I wouldn’t be against it. Jessica and her family deserve happiness.

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The story of a boy, his demons and a knife. (Photo: Prodigal Son Twitter)

With another successful case solved, Malcolm finds himself face to face with Eve. He is sorry for what he has done, for who he is. Instead of running away, she is drawn to him, and they are both terrified of what this could mean. For once, Malcolm gives in to his wants, his needs, and they end up sleeping together. His ghost can’t have that though, and even in times of bliss, his nightmare is always lingering in the shadows. Someone sees him for who he is, and how unhinged he has become. This one can’t be explained away.


A new episode of Prodigal Son airs Monday, December 1 on FOX at 9/8c.


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