Arrow(S08E06) “Reset”

Alright ladies and gentleman we had a great episode brought to us tonight! This was an interesting one and we will talk about a lot of what happened! So let’s get to this review!

Alright I don’t know if anyone has noticed this but a lot of the Arrowverse writers are literally fans of Groundhogs Day, wither it’s the movie or literally the time loop part it always seems like they have to include a time loop in each part of the Arrowverse. Needless to say, it was a good episode and I did enjoy it.

And it was great to see Quentin (Paul Blackthorne) even if it was just to prove a point to Oliver (Stephen Amell) in this episode about his fate. It was still good to see the man in this episode because let’s face it we all miss Quentin. Hell I really miss him on the series being able to help Oliver on missions and give some kind of tough love advice to Oliver when he really needed it. Literally there are so many things that Quentin did that helped Oliver become a better hero and person all together. Just watching the poor guy die again made me cry even if the time would reset again it still made me tear up.

Now we are starting to get to the episodes that are getting closer to the Crisis so of course they would have to mention it somewhere in the episode and nothing better than to have Oliver say to Mia (Katherine McNamara) William (Ben Lewis) and Connor (Joseph David-Jones) that he’s proud and honored to have gotten to know the future Team Arrow. And I think it’s because of that, Oliver came to terms that you can’t always run from Death.

Although, I wonder how many times Oliver really did go through that time loop? Cause remember in Legends of Tomorrow when Zari had that time loop and we only saw a few of the deaths that happened but supposedly was fifty two times, that’s what made me think how many times Oliver really went through the death of Quentin before coming to terms with it? I wonder if the writers would be able to tell us.

Now David Ramsey who plays Diggle on the series, directed this episode and in my honest opinion he did a great job with great camera angles and great shots throughout the whole episode. Even the camera angles used when Oliver woke up through each time through the time loop David Ramsey did great to show through the camera when it was a different loop in the time loop.

Now that Oliver is out of the time loop and is reunited with Diggle, Laurel (Katie Cassidy), Mia, William, and Connor on Lian Yu, what will be the lesson on this island. Is it so that Mia and William understand Oliver’s past more? Or is there a more deeper lesson to be proven in this next episode?

Next Episode: Arrow(S08E07) “Purgatory” airs Tuesday December 3, 2019 at 9/8c on The CW