9-1-1 (S03E09) “Fallout”

They just can’t catch a break!

9-1-1 is pretty good at dealing with sensitive topics and this week’s episode is no exception. In “Fallout” we see our characters deal with the trauma that they have been experiencing lately and how to overcome it. I don’t know why, but this episode hit me deeper than the previous ones. I just loved how the stories evolved and it all felt really real, as it usually does with 9-1-1. But it wasn’t just sad stories, there were also a few injuries in this episode. And some were quite epic!

911 recap 1 - 9-1-1 (S03E09) "Fallout"

We start the episode with the three main characters of this episode – Hen, Eddie and Maddie. Some of them weren’t that important in the overall episode, but they are the three that are dealing with trauma the most.

First we follow Hen who, out of all of them, is the one that’s hurting the most. We saw what happened at the end of last episode, so of course she wouldn’t be fine. It was really interesting because, out of the three, she was the one that got a better arc. She went to a retreat of sorts to heal. There she finds the woman that made her become a paramedic, the first person that she saved. Of course, then there’s this whole scene with them talking and this woman being so grateful for everything that she lived since then and how grateful she is to Hen. It was beautiful and it made Hen feel better. And by the end of the episode she was back to work, which makes me happy.

Then, the second most important story of the episode was Maddie’s. This one really took me by surprise. Tara, the woman that Maddie was trying to help, calls her out of the blue and says she needs her help. Maddie rushes to Tara’s place and there she is faced with Tara, not only bruised, but also with a gun and Tara’s husband on the ground with a bullet wound. Yes, Tara shot him and, for a moment, she really wanted to kill him (or let him bleed to death) but Maddie couldn’t live with that and so she helped him and, eventually, Tara agreed to call 911.

Everyone lives in the end but Tara doesn’t leave her husband. As per usual, he says that he’s going to change and so, Tara forgives him. That’s when Maddie gives up on her and, at the same time, realizes that she’s not fine after all, about killing Doug.

This was a really powerful moment because we’re used to see on TV people just moving on when, in fact, it doesn’t happen that way. That’s what I love about this show. Everything is so epic but so grounded at the same time. And even though Doug hurt her, Maddie is not okay with killing him.

Well, the episode also touches on Eddie but not nearly as deep as it did with Maddie and Hen. With Eddie we only see him talk with Buck and, actually, it’s more about Buck saying sorry than anything else. It was a nice moment, but not as impactful as the previous ones.

But of course, 911 wouldn’t be 911 without some pretty amazing injuries, and there were a couple in this episode.

First we see a girl that was hit by a meteor and gets a hole in her body. It’s pretty out there but it was fun and it also had the purpose to show how trauma can also be a good thing in a person’s life.

Second injury was a lot more believable and a lot more serious. A truck containing some chemicals crashes and makes an huge mess. But that’s not all. The truck didn’t have just “regular” chemicals, it had radioactive ones which made the whole thing a lot more dangerous. Of course, our characters had to deal with it, more specifically Bobby, who was exposed to the radioactive fumes. So far, everything is fine, but I’m pretty sure this thing with the radioactive chemicals will come into play in future episodes. We’ll see.

Overall, as per usual, it was a really good episode with some really important messages.

I look forward to the next one but, in the meantime, let us know all your thoughts on this episode in the comments and I’ll catch you up on the next one – Monday, December 2 at 8/7c on FOX.