Castle Rock (S02E08) “Dirty”

An episode that was way too short.

This week’s episode of Castle Rock focused on woman power, which was awesome. However, it was 10 minutes shorter than the previous episode and you feel that. Sometimes short episodes are good, because you don’t fill it with pointless things, but now, I don’t think it was the best decision. There’s way too much going on. Way too much stuff to explain. And so, every single minute counts.

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Last week we had one of the biggest reveals of the series – that The Kid is behind everything. And so, I was stoked to find out more about that. Unfortunately (for me), this episode got back to our protagonist, Annie and gave us no answers. Still, it was a pretty good episode with so much action.

As I said initially, this focused on our main woman – Annie and Nadia. I’m going to start with Nadia’s story-line because I think it’s the easiest one.

It looks like the ‘zombies’ (or whatever you wanna call them) want something from Nadia. For that they send Chris (which isn’t really Chris) to her. It looked like he wanted to kill her, but I don’t really know why. But anyway, he wasn’t able to. Nadia got the upper hand and she left in unconscious, taking him to the Hospital. There, she restrains him and gives him some type of sedative. This makes the real Chris come back, even if just for a few moments.

Not much happens there but the other ‘zombies’ go to the Hospital and start chasing them, with the intent to kill Nadia. Somehow, Nadia and the real Chris work on a plan and they get to overpower the attackers and kill them. Unfortunately, Chris gets killed in the process and that’s the end of Nadia’s story-line for this episode.

As for Annie’s story-line, there’s a lot more to it.

Last time we heard of her she was in the police station. I guess Ace’s plan worked because when we first see her in this episode she’s going to the Marsten House with Joy. After that, we see Ace switching her pills for placebos, so she gets clean for Amity, at the same time as we see Annie struggling with visions again.

Later, as both Annie and Joy are resting, some woman (from the ‘zombies’) finds Joy’s drawings and she notices that they look the same as Amity’s drawings and that’s when everything changes. This woman tells Ace about the drawings, he sees them and he changes his mind – it’s not Annie who’s Amity’s vessel, it’s Joy. Realizing that, he works on getting Joy alone and get on with the plan, since she doesn’t need to get clean as Annie had to. However, Annie senses that something is wrong. She goes investigate and that’s when she hears about that’s happening with Joy and so she goes to her rescue. That’s when most of the cool scenes happen, with Annie being Annie and going on a killing spree. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Annie rescues Joy just to find out that everyone in the house is searching for her. Somehow they make it outside just to see the crowd of people that was following The Angel statue. They almost get away with it but, in the end, they catch Annie and Joy looks at the statue and gets ‘hypnotized’ just like everyone else and follows it. And that’s how the episode ends.

Comparing to the previous one, this was so lack luster. Not only I wanted to see more of The Kid/The Angel (yes, I’m a big fan of Bill Skarsgard) but I also wanted answers. This is a big change because in the beginning, Annie’s story was so interesting to me but now, with this twist, I just want to find out more about The Kid and this ‘zombies’ or whatever they are. I’m sure we’ll get some answers soon (there’s only two episodes left) I just hope we get some in the next episode.

Let us know what you thought of this episode comparing to the others and I’ll catch you up on the next one – Wednesday, December 4 on Hulu.