Batwoman(S01E08) “A Mad Tea-Party”

Alright ladies and gentleman we had a great episode brought to us tonight! It was filled with madness, bat action, and more all with a character death. So let’s get to this review!

So in this episode we had Mouse Jacob (Dougary Scott) help Alice (Rachel Skarsten) begin her mad tea-party scheme. But with all the madness there was never a tea party. Okay maybe there was a small one to decide the fate of one of the characters to which one did meet the end.

Yes my readers we have lost Catherine Hamilton-Kane (Elizabeth Anweis) in tonight’s episode, honestly at first I didn’t like the character but she did work really hard to show that she wasn’t a bad guy just a person who has flaws like many humans. All she was trying to do was make amends to the damage she did to the Kane family all those years ago. And in some ways she did but in some ways she didn’t and now because of Mouse, the real Jacob Kane (Dougary Scott) will now be on trial for a death he is being framed for.

With this episode we did see Sophie (Meagan Tandy) reveal to Tyler (Greyston Holt) the reason why both of them were safe from the death count in today’s episode it’s because Alice believes that Sophie is still in love with Kate which is why both were spared for now. But it’s not always going to be that way there will come a day when Alice will not spare those two and then Kate/Batwoman will have full wrath over Alice.

I’m thinking after this poor sweet innocent Mary (Nicole Kang) won’t be able to trust Kate nor Alice all that much it wouldn’t surprise me if Mary spirals down for the rest of the season to be more than just a doctor but may spiral to become a mad doctor in disguise maybe even try some kind of Frankenstein project to bring her mother back from the dead. I mean anything is possible and when characters die sometimes they don’t really die. But it’s going to be interesting to see what happens with Mary after this tragedy.

And it seems though I was right that they would make a part of the episode to open the characters up to Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. So with this open scene we saw Nash Wells (Tom Cavanagh) get sucked into either Monitor’s (LaMonica Garrett) dimension or Anti-Monitors dimension but he’s going to be spit out as a different man!

Next Episode: Batwoman(S01E09) “Crisis on Infinite Earths Part Two” airs Monday December 9, 2019 at 9/8c on The CW