Supergirl(S05E08) “The Wrath of Rama Khan”

Alright ladies and gentleman we had a great episode brought to us tonight! And with this we are getting closer to the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover one episode away! So let’s get to this review!

So with this episode we had crazy earth bending Rama Khan (Mitch Pileggi) plan to bring the earth into a cleansing of fire like how he did back with Pompeii but this time be Pompeii 2.0 in the United States within National City. Only thing is Rama Khan needed some help with Andrea Rojas aka Acata (Julie Gonzalo).

But this is not the only crisis that National City was under, Lena (Katie McGrath) and Eve/Hope (Andrea Brooks) went through Lena’s plan to supposedly “save the planet” but save the planet from what or who it’s hard to say we never heard that from Lena because all she bragged on about was her revenge upon Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and how she wants to save the planet. So was Myriad suppose to be kryptonite filled to force Kara off planet or was it going to eliminate all alien life making her saving the human race? Like I said hard to say.

Given that both threats had to be taken care of in this episode it took a lot of thinking out of the box to make it so that both Lena’s Myriad plan would be depleted and Rama Khan had to be taken care of with his crazy plan that would’ve served better as a season finale plot than a almost mid season plot but who am I to judge I just write the reviews.

I really thought that Andrea Rojas had met her end in this episode but I’m glad she didn’t. I felt this was almost a redemption act towards the character like it’s going to be the start of her having this huge redemption arc for the second half of the season which would be fun if they do, do that. After everything that she has been through she needs a redemption arc and with her helping Supergirl and helping by trying to warn the DEO about what was coming literally shows she’s on her way to redeeming herself.

Another character on his way of redeeming himself is Malefic (Phil LaMarr) by proving that he really did come with Jon (David Harewood) with the intentions to really help out with Lena’s plan shows he’s on his way towards redemption. Now that he’s going home to Mars the question comes, will Malefic be able to save the future of Mars?

With Crisis on Infinite Earths coming next week they would have to squeeze in an intro for who broke Malefic out of the phantom zone and it was The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) only because last year he sensed that something else was troubling his warrior soul and he needed to make amends with those wrongs; so that he would be ready for the Crisis! And what does Lex (Jon Cryer) is working with The Monitor a scary duo in my opinion!

Next Episode: Supergirl(S05E09) “Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One” airs Sunday December 8, 2019 at 8/7c on The CW