9-1-1 (S03E10) “Christmas Spirit”

A very Merry Christmas on the 118 house.

For 9-1-1’s mid-season finale we have a Christmas episode. And although it didn’t end with the best news, it was an overall happy episode. Finally, because this season have been crazy, as some of the characters even mention in the episode.

signature source mob 00086439 - 9-1-1 (S03E10) "Christmas Spirit"
Peter Krause and Oliver Stark in the “Christmas Spirit” fall finale. CR: FOX.

The episode starts with the characters letting us know that they’re going to work on Christmas day. Which, not only brings some ‘drama’ with the families, but also means that a bunch of crazy injuries are bound to happen. First they answer a call involving a runaway luggage handler. That was so surprising because everything ended up fine (one could say it was a Christmas miracle). Then, they deal with something really crazy – a woman whose skin turns blue. That was the most shocking one, even more because it could actually happen. They kind of explain how, it was just a bunch of medical terms that I didn’t understand 100%. Still, it was pretty impressive. The third injury was a shopper pushed over a ledge.

Apart from crazy injuries, the episode also dealt with issues between our characters. One of those is Maddie. We learned last week that she’s not fine with Doug’s death and here, we see her still going to to therapy. The therapist suggests her going to the place where she killed him in a way to let him go, and so she does that. It was a pretty intense moment, but it was nice to see Maddie let it all go and start focusing on her happiness.

And of course, after the events in the last episode, everyone is still pretty worried about Bobby, mainly Buck and Athena. Actually, in this episode, we see a lot more of Buck worried about Bobby. They even have an heartfelt conversation, which I really enjoyed. An in a way to relax and just celebrate the Christmas Spirit, Buck and Athena secretly put together a Christmas dinner. It was such a nice thing and a nice way to end the episode.

Unfortunately, because this is 9-1-1, it couldn’t end 100% happily. In the end, they reveal that, even though Bobby is fine, Michael isn’t. After not remembering about sleeping in the wrong bed and walking through a glass window, they revel that Michael has a tumor. And that’s how the episode ends.

Overall, it was an happy episode. But of course, it couldn’t end with everything being fine. Personally, I would rather have Michael being at risk than Bobby. I love all the dynamic of Michael, Athena, Bobby and the family, but I like Bobby a lot more as a character so, between the two, I’d rather have Bobby ‘safe’.

But that’s it for 9-1-1 now. Next episode will probably only air in January so I guess we’ll only see you then. In the meantime, let us know all your thoughts on this episode and I’ll catch you up on the next one.