Legacies (S02E07) “It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough”

.Alright guys, we had another great episode of Legacies brought to us tonight and it was a blast.  Here are some personal highlights from this episode.



LEGACIES 2.07 1024x683 - Legacies (S02E07) "It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough"

This episode of Legacies opens with an absolutely awkward scene between our favorite ‘charmed ones’ with Lizzy (Jenny Boyd) trying to be the voice of reason bringing the two Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) Ladies. We see this particular Sisterhood moment end with the transfer of the illusion prism, and the arrival of our Egyptian Riddler – A.K.A the Sphinx.


We also see Alaric (Matt Davies), memory fully restored reach out and hug Hope (Danielle Rose Russell). This was easily my favorite scene in the episode. Seeing him reconcile knowing Hope’s story to remembering her and offering comfort with that hug (more comfort to him than her if you ask me) was a very important moment for me on this episode.


I love Simu-Landon. He was perhaps the most refreshing character on the show this week. I love how open, honest and genuinely happy Landon’s subconscious was. I mean with him drowning himself multiple times this past year, losing his best friend to the wild for a while and having all that gap in his memory, it is nice to see that his subconscious came out giddy and cheerful underneath all that brooding appearance.  Also, hearing him scream “I love you Hope Michaelson” in almost every scene he appeared in brought a new light in an episode filled with dark magic.


And can we just talk about how deftly loyal Raf (Peyton Alex Smith) is. I need to get myself a bud like Raf. A friend, a brother and a body guard (the last one is very important). It is nice to see the bond between Raf and Landon grow stronger with each episode. He had a chance to ask an all-knowing oracle anything and he just went and asked the way to keep Landon safe. We see him use the new information he learned from the sphinx to talk Landon out of once again, drowning himself and going back on the road where he writes his goodbye letter “With Love and Regret”.


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Josie (Kaylee Bryant) once again makes use of dark magic- you would think a girl would have learned her lessons by now. I mean she is a smart witch and all but how could she not see where Professor ‘Voldemort’ was going given she had just used same trident to actively transfer Landon’s consciousness into prism Landon? I love Josie, I really do but we must agree that she doesn’t always make the Best decisions when it comes to her dealing with black magic.


LEGACIES 207 1024x731 - Legacies (S02E07) "It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough"

We finally see Clark (Nick Fink) ditch his Professor Vardemus (Alexis Denisof) illusion. He attempts to take over Hope’s body and become a tri-breed himself.  Clark is a real pain in the butt.  However, I love the absolute danger Nick brings to every of his scenes. While Malivore is the big baddie of the show, Agent Clark/ Langdon’s big brother certainly makes a dangerous enough second. We see his body being dragged off into the forest by Zombie dearest. They meet Big Red Riding Hood. I cannot wait to see the face under the red hood, hopefully next week.


To cap this episode of legacies, we see The Sphinx/ Oracle who reveals he has found a new boss. He expresses his hate for Malivore.  In the end, he leaves Alaric and Dorian with a final riddle and a literal pile of dust.

“There are two prisoners

One is the master of his cage

The other returns home without power

The sins of the father are visited upon the daughters here and not here

A new hero rises, but can be felled by the golden arrow

The wolf among you has many faces

When time fractures, darkness overwhelms

But the greater destroyer of all is love”.

In all, it was a good episode. Legacies returns next week for one more episode before Christmas break. Hopefully, we might see both MG (Quincy Fouse) and Kaleb (Chris Lee). They truly are a joy to watch.