Dynasty (S03E08) “The Sensational Blake Carrington Trial”

Hi everyone!

It’s finally time for another episode! After the break due to Thanksgiving and the Black Friday that followed, we’re back for a new episode and this time, it’s such an epic one (as always).

This one is mainly focused on Blake’s trial. Will there be a cliffhanger? Is something going to happen? That’s what we’re going to find out.

Alexis is making her grand return, and we can totally say it’s iconic. Blake and Anders celebrated his very prematurely win about the trial. But who knows what can happen next since Alexis is back. As Blake over the years made himself plenty of enemies, all of them will love to see him going down and losing everything he has. This is definitely not over for him and they’re much more to come.

Anders is showing an impressive side of loyalty and kindness towards Blake once again, but this time we really can say we didn’t expect this at all. As he thinks of Blake as his son, it totally explains his act of denouncing himself to protect Blake from going to jail. But the trial is clearly showing Blake what kind of monster he is and how far he would go to protect himself, once again. He’s also making Fallon having a really hard time there.

Besides, Alexis is not only back to take down Blake, she came back with a new husband, Jeff Colby, which is clearly weird since Jeff is Fallon’s cousin and the two families are related to each other.

Dominique is showing a strange side during the trial, we don’t really know why she did that and she got kicked out then but I guess she deserved it.

Moreover on the other hand, one thing is sure, Liam remembered a very precious information when Fallon threw a pot at Adam, during their fight, at how he hit him over the head. Let’s be honest, we all know there was going to be something happening here, related to troubles only, as always when it comes to Adam.

I don’t know about you, but I really hope Liam is the one to have pushed Adam off the ledge, I don’t want to see Liam die, because he’s such a great character and of course, we ship Falliam.

This episode has such a crazy and epic ending but unfortunately we’re going to have to wait until january 17th, 2020 to find out what happens next…

What do you think is gonna happen? Let us know. Until then you can stream the episodes on the official CW app, and obviously rewatch the whole series from the very beginning.



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