Harley Quinn (S01E01) ”Til Death Do Us Part”

DC Universe new Harley Quinn show is a bold and unique take on the character. where Harley  try to shine on her own without the help of beloved Joker.
Show starts off with a bunch of rich people on a yacht and the Captain of the yacht gloating about screwing over a bunch of poor people as favorite past time . Then enter Harley Quinn with her mallet ready to rob all them. One of the rich people who was not even scared of her gets his bone broken by her mallet after saying the wrong words to her with blood squirting out on the floor were he fell over.  Once Harley continues to rob them all the rich people draw there guns on Harley telling her that she made a big mistake. Only for you to find out that the Captain of the yacht is really Joker who has been wearing the Captain face after he killed him. Just when Harley starts telling everyone on this yacht what her commands are Joker being Joker decide he just rather kill every first he throws his gas bomb then whip out his flamethrower. Which leads to a argument with Harley about how he dose not listen and how she wants to do more. Which Joker try to avoid the best as possible after a minor argument Batman shows up to stop them. While Joker make his escape he tell Harley to handle Batman while ensuring her that if she ends up in Arkham he will brake her out.
After Harley refuses to give up Joker location to Commissioner Gordon she gets lock away for six months in Arkham asylum. Even with the passing of six months Harley still believes that Joker will break her out even though the other inmates including poison ivy think she just diluting herself because he never going to show up to save her.
Another three months pass and we see Poison Ivy telling Harley that Joker never coming while Harley is taken out Guarda left and right while in a straight jacket. After all the guards are ether dead or nock out another three months pass with Posion Ivy still trying to convince Harley Joker dose not care for her and she has to leave him.
During the night Harley hears a alarm thinking it Joker finally breaking her out but ends up being Poison Ivy. She informs her it been one year now and Joker still has yet to show so what Poison Ivy dose is knock Harley unconscious and break her out herself. Harley wake up Poison Ivy place and try’s to leave because she maybe something happen to Joker which leads to Posion Ivy stoping and telling her she trying to help her because Harley help her deal with her people issues in the past.
When eventually Harley confronts Joker about leaving her in Arkham for a year he more concern about the Riddler and what he doing. It not until Harley try’s to break up with he manipulate her back into being a relationship with much to Poison Ivy disgust.
After Poison Ivy leaves Harley Quinn Harley suggest to Joker to have movie night which dose not go well. Eventually Harley Quinn suggest she can help kill the Riddler for Joker. Little dose she know that Batman is also going after the Riddle as well due to his plan . After both of them end up capture Joker is brought in for a game to decide which person he would rather let live Batman or Harley. Joker picks Batman which leads to Harley to getting drop in a thing of acid.However this whole game ends up being a setup by Poison Ivy to prove to Harley Quinn that Joker dose not care for at all and the acid was really margarita mix. Ivy expresses to Harley that she may not have Joker anymore but she has her as a friend who really dose care for her.
Once back at Ivy place and Harley reeling in from everything she has learn she decide to change her look and then finally take it to the Joker once and for all. The whole fight sequence is a sight to see Harley. You get to see Harley smash people with a mallet shatter Joker goons bones with a baseball bat and blow goons up with Joker gass mine.
The last thing she tells Joker is she wants him alive so he can bare witness the day she running Gotham and Joker is not anymore.
With that quick rundown on everything that happen I have to say I enjoyed the first episode there just a few things I didn’t care like for I for one I didn’t care for how this show portraying Jim Gordon character. His character comes across as over anxiety cop which I’m not used to seeing. 4BB21F4F D486 488D 8145 20D39C175870 300x169 - Harley Quinn (S01E01) ”Til Death Do Us Part”
also not sure how much I agree with starting the show with a bunch of rich people gloating about screwing over poor people as there favorite past time given how some people can be easily offended but given how that was Joker wearing a guy face to make a joke before revealing himself I’m willing to let it slide and I’m sure others probably will as well.
One thing I really like about this first episode was how Poison Ivy reacted to things along with her attitude. The way she aways had a comment to how Harley was diluting herself with the Joker was priceless plus I absolutely love Ivy Venus flytrap  Frank that reminded me of the plant from Little Shop of Horrors . The scene were Ivy ask were was the kid who was supposed to be taken care her plants  when she was in Arkham and finding out that Frank ate not only the kid but also his parents as well was priceless.A6C2C348 F47F 4E38 9403 5910F4D18CD4 300x154 - Harley Quinn (S01E01) ”Til Death Do Us Part”
I also got a good laugh at how Joker favorite Reese Witherspoon movie was Legally Blonde and when Harley had Sweet Home Alabama instead of it Joker being a tad overdramatic was like this night is ruin.
Overall final thoughts it  going to be interesting to see how this show develops Harley and Ivy friendship will they become lovers and partners in crime by the end of season one only time will tell but one thing for sure this series is going to be interesting considering how non serious it is.
4 out 5 stars


Harley Quinn airs every Friday on the DC Universe app and website.