Supergirl (S05E09) “Crisis On Infinite Earths Part One”

History is being made here today ladies and gentleman we have come to the moment we all have been waiting for! We have finally come to the ultimate crossover that will always be the most ultimate one forever! So let’s get to this review!!

So to start things off we all knew that people were going to die eventually but I don’t think we all could have seen so many deaths happening in the first part of the five part crossover. We had so many deaths, so many Earths wiped out already, even DC Universes Streaming Service series Titans on Earth-9, even though there wasn’t that much of a appearance of the main heroes we did see Hank/Hawk (Alan Ritchson) and Jason Todd/Robin (Tomaso Sanelli) just to see them get wiped out.

We also had a quick look at Dick Grayson (Burt Ward) whose Earth also died with him on it leaving one of his witty sayings to forever remind us how funny he was when Adam West was Batman all those years ago. I have to be honest, when I heard we would get so many cameos or even appearances I had a feeling it would only be a few seconds worth because they had to make it based around the main characters of the Arrowverse, which totally makes sense but we know some of those cameos will be longer than others.

As for the main event we had so much happen like Argo City meeting its demise on Earth-38; I actually cried thinking we were going to lose Clark/Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) setting baby Jonathan off in Argo’s only pod, which paid a perfect tribute to how Clark left Krypton when his parents sent him to Earth. Only thing is baby Jonathan was sent to Earth-16 at Star City 2046 which I really thought was going to be like the 2046 the Legends met during that first season but it was better because we got Old Man Oliver (Stephen Amell) again which I was really happy about!

We got to see Mia/New Green Arrow (Katherine McNamara) get her super suit. I’m glad that Oliver (Stephen Amell) had given Mia the torch to be the new Green Arrow. The suit looked so awesome and amazing and I loved seeing Mia wearing it, that green jacket part of the suit was so stylish.

When The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) brought all the heroes to Earth-38 to make a stand and to help the people of that earth get to Earth-1. The music to that final stand when Oliver and the team were fighting the shadow demons that music was so epic! I loved the scene but it was the music written by Blake Neely, Sherri Chung, Nathaniel Blume, and I think Daniel James Chan as well is what made that scene so powerful, so beautiful, and at the end so sad.

Yes people it happened, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow of Earth-1 made his last stand on Earth-38 and when he ran out of arrows he went full on Captain America to fight those shadow demons and was brought back to Earth-1 as he was dying. Rest In Peace my favorite superhero of the DC Universe.

Next Episode: Batwoman(S01E09) “Crisis On Infinite Earths Part Two” airs Monday December 09, 2019 at 8/7c on The CW