Black Lightning(S03E09) “The Book of Resistance: Chapter Four: Earth Crisis: Red Skies”

Alright ladies and gentleman we had another great episode and it brought the series right up to speed with the crisis crossover! We had some crazy stuff happen so let’s get to this review!

So first off I knew they were going to at least bring Jefferson/Black Lightning (Cress Williams) in on the crossover but the question was would anyone else be a part of it as well, well that question was answered tonight and the result is only Black Lightning is a part of the crossover, everyone else was obliterated with the planet because of the anti-matter wave which we still don’t know which Earth Black Lightning is in the multiverse. But I suppose we will find that out tomorrow with the crossover continuing.

As for the episode it’s interesting to see that the one who was mostly affected by the anti-matter sky was Jennifer/Lightning (China McClain). It’s understandable because her abilities are pure energy and because the energy of the planet was being affected it would affect her as well. So in other terms when the planet’s energies are in pain or being hurt Jennifer will feel that pain or hurt too so since the planet was being hurt and dying so was Jennifer. Will this have ever lasting effects after the crisis is over and done with, maybe.

But what was even more weird is that Jennifer’s powers were so strong her soul was able to split from her body and reach to two different Earths versions of herself. We saw a good explanation on why Black Lightning is not heard of on Earth-1 because he’s dead, shot dead by the evil douche Odell (Bill Duke) but at least Earth-1 Jennifer did a good deed by infecting the water of Freeland with a chemical compound that would stop people from becoming meta humans. Because the ASA was wanting to take all the metas and use all of them as weapons.

As for Jennifer number three, man that one was pure evil. Which I knew there would have to be at least one Jennifer out there that would be super villain material and there sure is. This one used Odell, used her family, used everyone just so she could be the number one power source to ending the Markovian war. She even killed her own family and doesn’t feel bad about it, that’s one twisted Jennifer that is pure super villain.

And I loved Jennifer was quoting her father to evil Jennifer. And Jennifer finally understands what it means to use her abilities for the greater good. Even if it took the end of the world for her to figure it out. But at least once the earths all get back into existence Jennifer will be a better hero and better daughter with no secrets, maybe.

At least we will see Jefferson/Black Lightning fight like hell in crisis on infinite earths crossover tomorrow! As for the series itself we will have to see when they say it will be back on, I’m guessing either January or February but we will see.

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And we will see Black Lightning series back next year for the second half of the season!