Castle Rock (S02E10) “Clean”

A Season Finale full of twists and turns.

Season 2 of Castle Rock came to an end and, I don’t know about you, but I had a lot of questions. Unfortunately, I left with the same questions unanswered. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but one could say that I was expecting more.

lizzy caplan castle rock - Castle Rock (S02E10) "Clean"
(Photo by: Dana Starbard/Hulu)

As I mentioned before, I was really looking forward to this episode because I needed to understand the whole picture. And it did give me some answers, but there’s so much left unsaid. Mainly because they barely spent time with the story-line that really interested me – The Angel (aka The Kid).

The episode actually begins right where the last one left of. We see Abdi, Nadia, Annie and Chance work on a way not only to stop Ace but also to save all the people that are under the statue’s spell. However, Annie also wants to save Joy, obviously, and so they separate and start working on two different things. While Annie and Chance go try to rescue Joy, Nadia and Abdi go underground and plant some explosives. But as expected, something goes wrong and the ‘zombie’ people catch Chance and that’s when Annie goes to plan B. She gets into the Marsten House and starts shouting that Abdi and Nadia are underground planting explosives.

Meanwhile, we saw Ace get Pop’s body inside that coffin filled with gue as well as Pop coming back to life. Everything looks like it’s working in Ace’s favor. Pop gives him some information about the letters and we believe that Pop is really gone. That is until Abdi and Nadia are in danger.

When Ace sends people after Nadia and Abdi underground, Pop goes with the two guys and that’s when he saves his ‘kids’. Pop also reveals that he has been himself this whole time and he only gave Ace enough to make him trust him. However, he can feel the other guy in his head, trying to breakthrough and so he worries Nadia and Abdi to get out of there. He helps them and takes the bigger explosive upstairs and they detonate them once Pop frees Chance.

And that’s what happens. With Chance free, they detonate the explosives and not only the House goes down but Pop dies a second time. The statue of The Angel also chatters, making everyone snap out of the trance that they were in. That’s when Joy stabs Ace and leaves with Annie.

Post that we see a “One Week Later” title. That’s when Annie get introduced to Paul Sheldon’s books, which was great to see, while trying to make Joy feel better, who has been acting weird and down. But it’s fair, after what she experienced. Then, we see them move to Canada. There, when Annie stops in a gas station and sees a poster looking for someone to take care of a old guy, we also see a poster of Henry Deaver, who apparently is missing. This is something that we have been wondering because The Kid got out of the cage so… What happened to Henry? Well, apparently he’s missing.

So, Annie and Joy go live in that house, taking care of that old man that can’t leave his bed. That’s when things start getting weird. There’s a bunch of signs that lead us to believe that Amity really got into Joy’s body. There’s a lady that says that ‘they look like different people’ talking about Joy being a teenager. Annie also finds Joy watching a movie in French, overhears Joy talking to a guy on the phone and also finds drawings of the statue.

Everything makes as believe that Joy is not Joy and Annie thinks the same. And because of that, she drugs Joy with Haldol and, after a fight, Annie ends up killing Joy. But then, she finds a letter where Joy basically says that she just hasn’t been feeling well and that she needs to go for a while. That’s when Annie realizes that Joy was herself after all and so she tries to save her. She succeeds, or so we think so.

Then follows a montage of them together, being really happy, with Annie still reading Paul Sheldon’s books, I might add, and ending with them going to a Paul Sheldon signing and that’s when we realize. For me, it was as soon as that guy asked if the seat was taken. Right in that moment I knew Joy was dead and, in the end, they show the seat empty and… That’s it. That’s the end of the season.

Overall I liked it, but this episode was a bit bittersweet. I was so excited about the whole Kid thing and that went by so fast. I feel like the majority of the season was dedicated to Ace and the ‘zombies’ and then end with this Annie centered episode? It felt wrong, even if I enjoyed it. And then there’s the whole Kid story that we still don’t understand but, as I said in one of my previous posts, I’m sure that is going to be the thing linking every season so they won’t explain it until it really needs to be explained.

Anyway, I guess that’s it from me. Let us know what you thought of this episode and the season overall and I’ll catch up on the next season (which we still don’t know when or if it’s going to happen).